Innovative Business Card Printing Ideas

As the name implies, business cards are usually used for business purposes. These business cards usually possess a business or individual information that is why they play a very vital role especially in formal introductions. Sharing these business cards especially during formal introductions is a matter of convenience. The format of a standard business card typically includes the business name, contact information and the logo of the business.

In todays modern world, technology has come a long way compared to the past years. Do you still prefer to use letters? Because nowadays email is more convenient. Do you still want to go to the banks? Now you have the option of internet banking. You need not go to the bank personally. Do you still prefer to send out your business cards for networking? The most probably answer would be yes since business cards are very vital when it comes to networking, however, you do not want to use the business cards in the traditional form.

These days, where most people are so much conscious about their status and reputation, no one would want to let his status be jeopardized just because of using a traditional business card. Therefore, the idea of a customized or modernized business card is always challenging.

1. Plastic business cards. Plastic business cards can help distinguish your card from all other cards in the market. There are two types of plastic business cards, the transparent and the translucent types. There is a bit of difference between these two types. The transparent plastic business cards can always be printed with one color on one side only while the translucent or sometimes called as the solid plastic business card can be printed on both side with the use of multicolor. Compared to all other business cards, a transparent business card has a square corner while the solid or the translucent one has round corners. And because these types of card are durable, water resistant and very good looking, a plastic card is now widely used by most business card holders in the market.

2. Matte finished business cards. This type of business card usually has a smooth, non glossy look and appearance and also looks graceful. This type of card is typically applied with an aqueous coating after the printing process, which makes the card smoother than the normal printing after the matte finish.

3. Ultraviolet or UV coated business cards. UV coated business card are considered as one of the most preferred types of modern business cards especially when it comes to modern cards. The main reason for this is that they speed up the process of printing and also have a longer life than the traditional cards. These types of business cards can also be colored on each side depending upon your taste and preference.

4 Last but not the least is the silk laminated business cards. As the name implies, this type of card is usually laminated with a special type of high grade material on both sides that provides a silky look and feel to the business card templates. When a card is silk laminated, a rich and thick effect is created that make the card look silky and feel smooth. This type of business card is usually waterproof, reliable, durable, and also looks very expensive.