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Birmingham Employment Attorneys helps the individuals to fight back against work place discrimination and harassment, and earn the respect they deserve. By appointing them an employer can be saved from different worries.

An employment lawyer is considered to be the best provider of knowledge concerning both national and state employment laws, which are implemented to avoid conflicts between the employees and employers and protect their rights for both the parties. A very good employment attorney is considered to be the most capable lawyer who can provide good directions related to law. Employment Lawyer Birmingham will help the client to fight back against discrimination, harassment, and also earn the respect they deserve. They do this by filing the claims against the companies which breaks both state and federal laws and protect the employees against harassment and discrimination. The attorney ensures the employees gets some time away from work for any medical reasons without facing any retaliation from companies. They also help in protecting the employees against retaliation, in case there are any activities involved which are illegal. In today’s environment one always feel pressured to accept the conditions that are not only oppressive but also could be illegal. The employee at the work place need not fear for the job and could report any kind of illegal activity of the employer. r.

In Birmingham, Workers compensation has many years of experience with the practice of law. An employment attorney is specialized in different areas of discrimination, harassment and other issues related to employment. The Employment attorney in Birmingham acts for the benefit of the companies and has experience and also expert in the field of employment law. Employment attorney are essential in the following issues like Sexual harassment: It is considered as illegal and nobody can also speak on sexual behaviour at work.

Employment Lawyer Birmingham practices on employee and employer related law which deals with how employers should treat with their employees. A very good Birmingham Employment Attorney can reduce the risk of the employee and employer and can help them to protect their rights. In Birmingham an employment lawyer can provide services to the employers in different ways like 1) She/he can assist the employers in the implementation of hour laws, wage and claims. 2) She/he can review employers hand books, employee’s manuals and employers statement of policy. 3) She/he could represent employer on claims, arbitration hearings and other grievances. 4) She/he could provide some assistance during the mediation proceedings. 5) She/he could also represent the employer regarding the charges which are filed against the company. By appointing an employment attorney, an employer could be saved from all sorts of worries regarding implementation of employment and also the decisions involved in the work place.

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Why You Deserve Senior Citizens Employment.

Are you a senior, and are you actively searching for senior citizens employment? Before you answer, think about it.

Sure you say! I have in mind just the kind of job I want to get and I even know the names of some companies and individuals I want to work for.

Bravo! But have you done your real homework? Are you convinced, really convinced, that you’re the best qualified person to walk away from a job interview with a senior citizens employment offer in your pocket?

Have you prepared for every job interview? Actually visualized going through the process of anticipating your answers to questions that will probably arise? Why, you ask? I know what I’m going to say.

While there is such a thing as over preparation. Far worse than that is the opposite result, lack of practice. Let me tell you a story!

Many years ago, back in the middle of the last century, one of the greatest batters in professional baseball was a tall, lean fellow named Ted Williams. He was a super star, even before the description was used.

One day, early in the morning, even as the sun was just coming up, another ball player who was sharing a hotel room with Williams on a road trip woke up.

He saw Ted Williams in his pajamas standing in front of a full length mirror, bat in hand watching his reflection swinging at imaginary pitches.

What are you doing, the fellow asked incredulously? Hitting home runs, Williams answered taking another swing at an imaginary pitch.

Get the point? The best performing individual at any line of endeavor stays on top with practice. Preparation and practice may begin with the same letter of the alphabet, but they sure don’t mean the same thing.

You’ve taken your first step to nailing down your senior citizens employment. You’ve selected the job of work that you absolutely want to have. You have also taken the second key stride, you’ve made a list of several name businesses and individuals you are going to contact and interview with.

Now, prepare your written and oral presentation, and then stand up in front of your own personal mirror like Ted Williams did and make your delivery. And then practice swinging the bat and hitting the imaginary ball again and again until it becomes your second nature.

Visualize hitting your own home run, getting a bona fide senior citizens employment offer.

Actually visualize yourself walking into the interviews one by one. Picture what you’re going to wear and rehearse your opening greeting. The wonderful thing about children at play is how real they get at make believe. Recapture make believe and really feel yourself at an employment interview.

A very important key point to remember is this. At the end of every visualized job interview, see and hear yourself being offered actual employment.

Make your personal senior citizens employment project the keystone of your day, every day. It may take a while of time before it bears fruit. But it will happen. You deserve success, you deserve seniors employment.

Raymond Angus is the best selling author of www.TheSeniorsLife.com. He writes about how seniors find employment in today’s ever changing world. Are you a senior and do you want tips on how to work and live in this bleak economy? Go to www.TheSeniorsLife.com and click on employment.

Find Jobs In Colorado Through Multiple Employment Resources

post your resume online Search local job postings and more in Denver, Colorado. Find new employment or work. Fresh job listings posted daily. Explore career opportunities. Search and apply online today. For more information please visit: Find Denver Jobs”>Employment is right now the biggest issue in the lives of people. Although, people have always been in search for good jobs, which can provide them with handsome salaries, so that they can live luxurious lives, but at this point of time, the need for getting jobs has become very important, for economic slump has gripped the mind and hearts of people. Colorado is one of the states of US, where people are rushing to get their hands on the posts, which can provide them with huge salaries. The people of this state are pretty much motivated for making their careers. This is the reason, why you get to see that every other person is looking for jobs in Colorado.

The demand for good and high profile jobs is increasing across Colorado. Denver which is the capital of Colorado is the only city of this state, which has actually changed and transformed the lifestyle of people of the entire state. Denver jobs have given the best opportunities, not only to the citizens of this city, but also to those, who have come from other cities of this state and from other states of US as well. There are so many job opportunities in Denver that one, who have got a degree in his hands with skills, then he can really fix himself in the best post in an international or multinational organization.

Now, to find jobs in Denver or any city of Colorado has become easy and simple. Thanks to internet technology that has simplified your lives like never before. It has reduced your footwork to the greatest extent. Jobs in Denver can be searched, while sitting inside your homes. It means that the work of jobseekers and job hunters has been pretty simplified. Now if you will go for Denver jobs, then you will not have to go through lengthy, complicated and embarrassing process. Internet has decreased the time duration, which used to frustrate you before because of waiting for so long, just to hear the response of the employer. Now, with the help of internet, the whole process can be conducted and completed within few hours. Starting from posting your resume till the response of your employer, it would just take few hours and you will not have to sleep with tensed mind at night. The results will be immediate. Denver jobs for the jobseekers are nothing less than a hope in their lives and when internet plays its role then things become clearer. Find Denver Jobs, Jobs in Colorado area and post your resume online Search local job postings and more in Denver, Colorado. Find new employment or work. Fresh job listings posted daily. Explore career opportunities. Search and apply online today. For more information please visit: Find Denver Jobs

Employment Agencies Madison – recruit the trained and qualified personnel!!!!

Recruiting new personnel in the organization is not only a necessity but also involves the skill and expertise of the person undertaking the process falling short of which less-qualified candidate may be selected and the organization is deprived of the dedicated and knowledgeable personnel. So, the organization requires the professionals who are competent and trained to recruit the personnel. The Employment Agencies Madison has a team of such experts who provide the staffing solutions in an effective, efficient and convenient manner. They fill the vacant positions in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, processing and other industrial undertakings. They carry out all the staffing and recruitment steps on the behalf of the company before selecting the applicant.

Help you to choose the right direction

Besides this, they also undertake the aptitude tests and interviews to ensure that only the knowledgeable and qualified candidates passes through the tests and make their way to the company. They also train the new employees such that they have an idea of the work they are supposed to do and can easily understand the work environment. Also, they offer the technology training to the old employees so as to make them comfortable with the latest technology and equipment. The on-site training is also given to the new personnel to make them compatible with the work. They cater to all the workforce requirements of the organization by providing various services in this regard. They offer the temporary hiring solutions, private label workforce, contract technical staffing, direct employment and long-term temporary staffing solutions. They consider the immediate need of the workforce to fill the vacant position and recruit them accordingly. They relive the top management of the organization from the work of recruiting the new personnel and allow them to work towards the growth and development of the organization.

Provide the best effective solution

Hence, Employment Agencies madison offers an effective solution to the problem of finding the efficient workforce and trains them to work for the growth of the organization. They also help the unemployed workforce to find the right job in accordance with the qualification and knowledge. Thus, they contribute towards the overall development of the nation by employing the qualified youth and thus, enabling them to utilize their education, skill and talent towards some productive work. So, it can be said that they not only cater to the staffing needs of the organizations but also helps the qualified personnel to achieve the success and have a safe and secure future.

To conclude, these help the organizations to find the deserving and well-qualified personnel and thus contribute towards the growth and development of the organization.

Reading the reviews provided by the author is one of the best ways to gain necessary information on temp agency madison.

Reasons Hiring Managers Fear Pre-employment Tests

Like many fears, the FEAR that hiring managers have about using pre-employment tests is nothing more than False Experiences Appearing Real. In this column I respond to the top 10 fears I consistently hear from HR managers, executives and business owners. A few of the fears are real. Some are merely exaggerations. And others – they are simply not true. Beginning with number 10:

10. We don’t have a budget for testing. Fortunately the ROI on pre-employment tests is many-fold when you consider the cost of a bad hire, estimated to be 1 to 2 times annual salary for lower-wage employees and upwards of 10 times annual salary for managers, professionals and executive. In low-wage, high turnover industries like hospitality, studies indicate it costs roughly 300 to 700 times an hourly worker’s rate each time you have to fire and replace them when you take the effect of a bad hire on a guest’s first experience. Ranging in costs from as little as $25 for screening tools to several hundred for job fit assessments, the cost of the pre-employment tests will be a fraction of the cost spent on trying to save a bad hire. Pre-employment tests are an investment in productivity and innovation, not an HR line item.

9. I read my report and don’t agree with what it says about me. Face validity is very important. That means when you read the report it describes your to a “t.” But face validity isn’t a very good predictor of job fit. If it was every candidate who says he’d be a great fit would become your next super-performer. Tools like DISC and Myers-Briggs have very strong face validity but other psychometric tools that are normed against the population and used for job fit and potential are more sophisticated. Selection tests measure innate personality traits, or your core personality. With experience and training, you may have learned new skills that cover up potential shortcomings. That’s why it is very important to use both the pre-employment test and interview to discover the natural fit, learned fit, and potential for growth. If you don’t agree with a result, just ask your consultant for an interpretation. I can count on one hand how many times a candidate or employee doesn’t agree after they understand how to use the results properly.

8. We’re just a small business. We’re not sure why many managers feel they shouldn’t have the same tools at their fingertips as large companies. Online technology has leveled the playing field. Now small business owners as well as mid-managers have the same tools as senior level executives at Fortune 50 companies. And the best news is that technology has lowered the cost to a level affordable to any size business in any industry.

7. We don’t have the time to get certified. Online hiring assessments make this an easy one to overcome. Certifications and training are not required for most programs. Our reports are written so that even the most inexperienced manager can understand the results. And to make the report even more manager-friendly, all our pre-employment tests come with personalized behavior interview question guides based on responses given by the candidates. We can’t make it any easier. (Of course, for any managers wanting to become more skilled at reading the reports, we are always happy to oblige – and many managers take us up on the offer!)

6. It takes too long to get the results. This is the easiest fear to overcome. Results can be real-time. We can set up a client account at no cost to the business, many times at no charge. Reports can then be accessed in real time. In other words, as soon as a candidate hits the submit button, a manager can log into the system and retrieve the report. Unlike many of our competitors who require a 2 or 3 day (or more) delay in receiving results and then even longer to speak with a consultant, we are available when you need us the most. In today’s job market, when you have the good candidate waiting for a job offer, you can ill afford any delays.

5. We don’t want to upset the candidates. Our clients gave us the answer to this fear. “If a candidate balks at completing our hiring process and this is the time when he is supposed to be on his best behavior, what will happen the first time we ask him to do something he doesn’t think is part of his job?” It’s important to look at the assessment as equal to the interview and background checks. That’s how the EEOC looks at pre-employment testing. Resumes, application, interviews and even general observations are all on equal footing. If a candidate refused to submit his resume or give permission to check references, you certainly wouldn’t forego these steps. The pre-employment test is just another part of the employee selection process. So what more can I add except that when a candidate refuses to complete an assessment, it won’t cost you a dime for the assessment but think about the thousands of dollars and hours of aggravation you’ll save if you had hired him!

4. We heard candidates can fake the tests. Again, this fear is real – and true. Just like during the interview, people are more and more skilled at playing a role that can’t be delivered after they are hired. The advantage of our pre-employment tests is that each assessment has a “fake-ability” scale. Questions embedded in the assessments help managers assess how reliable the information is and if the candidate attempted to manipulate his responses. Unless you are a highly skilled interviewer, gut instinct is the only tool you have to determine if a candidate is the real thing.

3. We spoke with our attorney and he said stay away from testing. Another variation of this fear is: I heard that companies have gotten sued because a test was used. It is true that organizations that have used tests have been sued. But it’s also true that more businesses have been sued because they didn’t. Every hiring decision carries a risk. But you need to know the facts. The EEOC in 2007 heard 77,000 discrimination complaints. Of those 77,000 only 304 involved assessments. And of those 304 the decisions that ruled in favor of the employee were related to the improper use of the assessment, not the validity of the assessment itself. As long as the test is valid, reliable, non-discriminatory AND job-related, the use of pre-employment tests is a best practice that meets EEOC guidelines. If your attorney can’t substantiate why he/she believes pre-employment tests should be avoided with anything more than it’s his/her opinion, get a second opinion. We will be happy to refer you to employment law attorneys who support the use of employee testing as a best practice and view the decision to use testing as good business practice.

2. We can’t afford to turn away good candidates. The time is long-gone when you can afford to hire employees who can barely fog a mirror. For the same reason you wouldn’t accept an order from a vendor with the wrong parts, why would you hire an employee that doesn’t have the right skills or fit in your culture? But the big benefit for using assessments is that organizations actually expand their talent pool. Yes, you read that correctly. You can expand, not shrink, your talent pool with assessments. How is that possible? For the very same reason that managers make hiring mistakes based on the interview alone, they also miss high-potential candidates because they might interview poorly but have all the skills and attitude you need, if not more. Pre-employment tests can help find the diamonds in the rough. You can ill-afford to turn away a gifted employee when he presents. And let’s have a drum roll please. The number one reason why managers fear pre-employment tests is:

1. We don’t have the time to test candidates. It’s true. It does take time to test candidates (but not as much as you think). The irrefutable data however confirms the time it takes to test a candidate is a drop in the bucket compared to the time you will spend training, counseling and eventually terminating the wrong hire. With online hiring assessments, most of the time invested in the process is candidate time. All a manager needs to do is send out the instructions to the candidate and process the report. That’s it. And for businesses too short-staffed to manage even the administration of these functions, we can do all the “grunt” work. All we need is a name and email – and voila! The next time you hear from us you’ll have the candidate’s completed report sitting in your inbox. The time saved using online hiring assessments will be much better used recruiting for hard-to-fill positions and retaining the employees you have.

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