How To Sell Avon By Marketing Yourself Online

So everybody knows that Avon is one of the most popular, if not the most popular home based businesses out there.

It is no surprise that Avon moves over six billion dollars in annual revenues since Avon is the leading direct seller of beauty products.

But what does this mean to you? How can you turn these simple facts into wealth and learn how to sell Avon?

You could build up your Avon business the traditional way and just sell product to friends and family but would that be the best way? Is there a way that will explode your business and allow you to actually be an Avon distributor full time?

There is a better way. It has worked for thousands of others and it could work for you too if you applied your self to the strategies that I am about to teach you.

The key to learn how to sell Avon the right way is to learn how to market your business. Now I know that about 97% of Network Marketers fail and it is because they do not know how to market. Actually, a lot of individuals most likely could use some coaching in marketing their business (judging on statistics).

But let me ask you this. Where do you see tons of adds? Where do you spend a lot of time at? Where do you go to learn about something that you are not familiar with?

That is a simple question. You Google it! If you are researching something you get on the Internet and find out more information. Like right now for example, you had the desire to learn how to sell Avon so you researched online on how to do so.

You can see that the power advertising online is powerful so why not do it!? You can use the power of the Internet to promote yourself and your Avon busines.

I did say earlier that Avon is one of the most popular home based businesses. The local search volume for the month of September got 4,090,000 searches in a single month and that is just locally. World-wide, Avon got 7,480,000 searches. Let me ask you a question. How different would your Avon business be if you even had a fraction of these visitors interested in your business every single month?

Obviously with this many searches per month, there is a lot competition online.

That is the one downfall of marketing online. Yes there are a lot of people searching for what you have to offer, but at the same time (depending on what niche you are targeting) there are a lot of competing sites.

But that is where I come in 🙂

I am a Internet Marketing expert and I specialize in getting targeted keywords to the top of Google using virtually free techniques.

Now I can not promise you that I can teach you how to get to the number one spot on Google with the keyword “Avon” since there are already thousands of established websites, but I do know that I will teach you how you can target long tail keywords and get thousands of visitors from them if you apply all of my techniques.

A long tail keyword are specific phrases of words that drive highly targeted traffic. For example, “dogs” is a very general keyword, but when you say “four pound Maltese dogs” it is more targeted information. Long tail keywords do not get as many searches as “Avon” itself, but honestly long tail keywords usually bring more targeted traffic to your website. With long tail keywords there is also not as much competition.

Less competition mixed with my marketing strategies will still give you thousands of visitors (depending on the keyword), until your website builds up to a level that you can target those more valuable keywords.

Driving traffic to you website will not happen over night. It will take dedication, but all of your hard work will pay off.

The Benefits Of Paid Search Marketing

When a company is ready to start marketing via the Internet, Paid Search Marketing (Pay Per Click or PPC) is the fastest and easiest way to to get page one visibility on the major search engines and attract qualified prospects to their site. It can be launched in a few hours, and it can produce dramatic results rapidly. It is a great way for a company to start using Internet Marketing techniques to grow their business and increase their top line. There are a number of benefits to PPC campaigns, including:

Precision: PPC enables you to be very precise in putting a targeted offer in front of a specific segment of the market. By identifying specific key words, creating unique offers, and writing tailored ads, you have a tremendous amount of control over who sees your ad, what offer they see, and where they land on your website.

Targeting: Another aspect of precision is the ability to target your market geographically, demographically, and by time of day and day of the week. When combined with keyword specificity, unique offers and well written ads, you can focus very tightly on the target market you are trying to reach. This ensures that the majority of people viewing your ads are qualified prospects.

Speed and Simplicity: This can be looked at two ways. First, while doing PPC right can be somewhat complex and time consuming, planning and executing a campaign can be accomplished in hours. Also, this refers to how quickly and easily a prospect can move through the buying process, a matter of a few minutes, when clicking through to a well designed landing page and taking the desired action.

Financial Control: PPC provides the advertiser with complete control over how much money is being spent. A daily budget can be allocated, then changed depending on results of the campaign, and to take advantage of changing business conditions as they occur.

Length and Scope of Campaign: A PPC campaign can run for any length of time and can be very narrowly or broadly targeted. This enables the advertiser to use a campaign to accomplish different things, from delivering targeted offers to a narrow market segment for a short period of time, to more broad based branding and awareness.

Monitor and Measure: With the excellent analytics tools available today, PPC campaigns provide complete transparency and make it easy to monitor the progress of a campaign as well as the results to date and ROI.

So, when you are ready to start marketing via the Internet, a great place to start is with paid search marketing. You can start up a campaign in a matter of hours, deliver a tailored offer to a precisely targeted market segment bringing them to your website, you can have complete visibility into the results of the campaign, control your budget, and you can start or stop at any time. What are you waiting for?

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