Could Your Business Benefit From Automotive Corporate Training

The automotive and transportation industry is an ever changing and evolving one. Professionals in the sector must constantly keep themselves up-to-date with all of the new technologies in order for their business to stay on top. There are automotive schools that offer automotive corporate training to specifically meet the needs of professionals in the sector who want to upgrade their knowledge.

Some auto training schools provide a full range of programs designed to meet the ongoing training and certification needs of established businesses in the industry. It can also be important to find a school with a curriculum that has been developed in a special way, that is, with the adult learner in mind. Keeping this adult learner perspective in mind when preparing the training program can make a world of difference as these students are at a different level of experience than students new to the industry.

There are a number of different automotive corporate training programs available including the following:

Ozone depletion certification
Emissions testing inspector certification
Emissions testing equipment training
Emissions testing repair tech certification
Personality dimensions
Workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS)

Ozone depletion certification involves courses in:

Science of ozone depletion and its effects
Describing international efforts towards ODP
Understanding Canadas program for control and reduction

Emissions testing inspector certification covers the following areas:

Explanation of air pollution
Emissions testing overview
Description of inspection process
Explanation of repairs and retests
Understanding how to complete forms and procedures
Describing the program auditing process
Discussion of customer relations

Through the emissions testing equipment training, individuals can expect courses in:

Emphasis on safety for the person, equipment and vehicle
Developing understanding of the testing procedure(s)
Understanding the forms used and their applications

The emissions testing repair tech certification could also greatly benefit your business with courses in:

Understanding the emissions theory
Understanding and memorizing the strategy based diagnostic procedure
Application of emission analysis for diagnosis/repair
The difference between emission repairs and drivability repairs
Hands on exercises on demo vehicle

Personality dimensions courses are a unique set of courses focusing on understanding different personalities and individual learning styles. Also covered is recognizing and accommodating the communication preferences different individuals have.

Finally, WHMIS courses will teach the basics of safety, policies and procedures when it comes to workplace hazardous materials.

As each business is different and unique, so are its goals and challenges. Thats why you may want to look into an auto training school that also offers customized training programs designed specifically with your business in mind.

Some automotive schools start with an on-site visit to your business and a meeting with your team. This whole process helps in evaluating your individual business needs so that you can choose the right program to accomplish your goals. Whether it be to enhance customer satisfaction, emphasize the importance of workplace safety or to ensure all employees understand industry regulations, the right auto training school will have a training program to suit your needs.

There are great automotive schools that can offer you these amazing corporate training programs. What are you waiting for?