Sales Order Management System

In todays competitive and consumer led market, it is becomes very difficult for companies to face increasingly complex ordering processes. The Sales Orders may include content or digital assets and can require products and services from sub-contractors or multiple partners. It is also must to decide what channel of distribution to use, as the products and services of the organization could be delivered through a multi-tier distribution channel, which adds an additional layer of complexity to the process of fulfilling customers requirements.

Goods Order Inventory System provides solutions for Sales Order management through its comprehensive solution that virtually consolidates order information for central aggregation and management while providing for decentralized input and distributed visibility. Goods Order Inventory System provides you with its application Goods Order Inventory, which is a free application for small business users and individuals willing to manage Orders, Inventory, and Sales on their mobile or Smartphone. It provides the flexibility to manage the products, orders, sales & inventory seamlessly on iPhone, Android & Blackberry devices. Features like report, sales tracking with/without inventory, and simple user interface provides the user to manage and track all the business data at any time & any where easily.

The most effective Sales order Management System is one which fulfils some of your basic business goals:

Make the proposal process faster and improve the quality and accuracy of proposals
Ensure that pricing is fast and accurate
Makes it quicker and easier to place order once you receive the final order from your customer
Helps in processing orders more effectively, and ensure that all documents related to any transaction are captured in a way that makes it easy for sales and customer representatives to access when needed
Resolves customer complaints and returns faster with higher customer satisfaction

Sales Orders are the lifeblood of any company. Therefore, it is critical that the process of receiving, managing, and fulfilling orders is efficient, accurate, and secure. The management of customer orders can directly affect multiple business operations including production capacity, manufacturing, inventory management and warehousing and indirectly affect other departments such as customer support and finance. Problems in any of these areas can in turn affect the profitability or viability of a company.

Features that make a sales order management system most effective:

Catalogue, item and promotions management capability
Real-time order tracking and status reporting
Referral program integration
Plug and play interfaces to provide instant back integration to legacy ordering systems
Benefits of having a Sales order Management System:
Increased sales and market share
Reduction in order processing costs
Increased visibility of your customers buying behavior
Quicker execution of pricing and promotional strategies to specific target market segments