Do The Benefits Outweigh The Costs Of Using An Employment Agency

The reason you can’t get a job is simple.

The population of the world is increasing and according to official census records, will continue to do so until the year 2050. As the population increases, the job market is currently stifled because of recession and increased workload to the lowest common denominator of worker. Also, many administration and entry level positions are now filled by computers, as the business world finds newer and more innovative ways to streamline operations.

More people, less jobs. Quite simple. You need help, especially if you are just getting started.

The general education in many universities does not prepare its students with the specific technical skills that would guarantee its graduates a job after copulation. Generic jobs are being farmed out to virtual assistants or cheap labour, leaving the entry level graduate out in the cold. Many of them do not have the money to continue their education, and face the choice of going into crushing debt to try, or become underemployed and unfulfilled in the job market.

The mid-level worker who was counting on his or her skill set to last a lifetime also got a rude awakening. And once they lose a job, they are immediately priced out of their experience level by other, younger, desperate job seekers who are willing to work for much less. Businesses, facing the increasing pressures of competing on a global scale, does not have room to make anything except cold numerically based decisions.

You need help, especially if you are starting over.

A recruitment agency is your alternative to spending precious time going back to school and taking on debt that you will never get out of, or facing the prospect of government assistance or menial drudge work. Especially when compared with these alternatives, a recruitment agency more than pays for itself in the quality of work received, and the peace of mind you receive in the interim knowing that another opportunity is right around the corner.

A recruitment agency will also have the inside ear on temp jobs and jobs which are not advertised, both of which can hold you over until they can help find you something more permanent.

Face it: unless you are willing to and have the means and time to learn the highly technical skills that guarantee work in the tech driven world of today, you will need help in order to continue doing what you love at a wage that will allow you to maintain your lifestyle. Do not be afraid to try recruitment agencies; it is their job to keep you employed. And once you get started, it becomes as if a weight was lifted off of your shoulders — one that you need not bear in the first place.