Emerging Trends In The Bpo Industry Today

The last decade marked the rise of the east as the back-office of the world. Last couple of months have proved that East is not just rising, but it has risen and is shining bright! lobal economy had its way of being lopsided in the favour of the western hemisphere. But that has changed with the East not just emerging as the largest market to dump consumer goods, but also the largest human resource base, where all services are offered better in quality and better in price! And with the emergence of Computer Technology, it has become easier to access this wide resource pool. Information Technology and its Enabled Services (IT and ITES) have resulted in the shifting of back offices back across continents.

This can be said to be an evolved system of BPO services where both clients and the service providers share a unique, mature, multi-cultural and symbiotic relationship. Combined, this has dramatically affected the relationship between clients who need Business Process Outsourcing and providers who dial it in. In many ways we’re seeing the birth of the second generation of BPO, a more complex business model that will require both buyers and providers to evolve and mature. Here are a few trends to keep your eyes on:

1. Contracts not based on head count
Companies are increasingly looking at call center outsourcing business operations as more than just a way to save money on overhead costs. More and more businesses want overall improvements in both platform and technology. Not only could this lead to more a complex partnership agreement that may require a bolstered procurement management contract , it may completely change operational strategies within a company.

2. More transparency
Today’s BPO buyers want to know how providers are producing their results. They want to know details about who is leading the project and who the management team is. In this way, today’s BPO landscape favors the client. This could lead to a outcome-based pricing scale which would be a grand departure from the previous decade.

3. Increased regulatory strictness
Auditors are inspecting the operations of BPOs with greater frequency and intensity. This will continue to zap money and resources from both BPO and KPO services clients and providers, gradually changing the ways BPO contracts are managed.

4. Social media increasing options
BPO providers can no longer ignore social media as distinct from the call center services they offer. Real-time data must be constantly aggregated and analyzed in order to optimize a business operation to meet the standards of the end-customer.

5. Buyers are mixing on-shore with off-shore
It’s not black and white anymore. BPO buyers are outsourcing some of their operations to offshore providers, while some of their operations are being managed by onshore providers. Still other operations are being managed in-house. This creates a complex dynamic of cost-cutting with optimization. It also creates a globalized network of partners increasinglydependent on cloud services and the Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

These five trends represent a changing of the guard in the BPO world. This changing dynamic will see an evolution of outsourcing models as well different relationships between buyers and providers and different pricing scales. A single business process may now be managed from multiple locations on the globe at once and a reduction of overheard costs is no longer the sole objective.

Outsourcing in the Philippines as a Business Strategy Option

Business process outsourcing or BPO companies in the Philippines that are dedicated to providing assistance to foreign companies are continuously multiplying and expanding. The growth of BPO in the country has brought a lot of advantages not only to Philippine economy but also to the Filipino community. Since it is now one of the greatest revenue generators of the country and greatest provider of job opportunities, the development of outsourcing industry in the Philippines is good news not only to Philippine nation but also to all foreign companies that are outsourcing in the Philippines. The increasing number of BPO companies in the country makes the competition among outsourcing providers more stiff and this further improves the quality of services provided and products delivered.

Relocating non-core business activities to the Philippines is a business strategy that was adapted by a lot of companies from different industries. The country is one of the key players in the global outsourcing industry and its knowledge and expertise about outsourcing business can bring great advantages to every company. Technical capabilities, natural talents, skills, and language proficiency of the Philippine workforce can help every company owner achieve the goals and objectives of the business and hasten the growth of the company. The Philippine country can offer your business the best possible location for achieving your company’s outsourcing goals.

Hiring third party outsourcing vendors from the Philippines to do some of your business activities is like creating an extension of your business and establishing operations on the other side of the globe. This is an advantage and can further improve your company’s global standing and competencies. You will be able to tap in with the vast pool of resources that are otherwise not available in house. Outsourcing non-core business activities to Philippines has different variable advantages. It usually depends on the nature of the business, the situation of the company and its economic standing, and the industry on where the company operates. Once you hire an outsourcing company in the Philippines, all members of the staff will work to deliver the demands needed by your business; you can even get assistance and services around the clock if needed.

The shift of the company toward outsourcing business is very noticeable. The increasing number of companies that are relocating their services to the country is an obvious reason of the efficiency of Philippine outsourcing industry. Outsourcing in the Philippines is one of the best ways to reduce company expenditures without sacrificing the good quality services and products that business provide to customers. When outsourcing is properly implemented, it has a great impact on the revenue recognition of your company and can deliver considerable amount of investments, saving your business as much as 50 percent in operational and overhead costs Philippine BPO increases the financial flexibility of your business. It also improves the efficiency of your company processes. Philippine BPO gives your company the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of getting excellent quality kind of service at inexpensive rates.


Outsourcing in the Philippines has been proven; fast and effective, with Accounting Outsourcing and IT Support Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing Companies have a low-cost and effective management.

Employment Advantage At Arribatel Philippine Call Center

Recently, the Philippine employment rate was sharpened by the Philippine call center and BPO industries. Outsourcing call centers is currently the highest growing industry in the world that brings employment advantages. Philippine Call Center ArribaTel is becoming one of the leading job makers for Filipinos.

Philippine call center jobs in ArribaTel are mainly attractive for several reasons. From the high compensation packages to other benefits that come within the field of work, it is no doubt why many of the working class Filipinos would want to go into and succeed in the call center industry.

Anyone who is proficient in English or has enough English communication skills can be an ArribaTel call center agent. Just like any other call center, at ArribaTel Philippine call center, undergraduate applicants are welcome to apply as long as they are trainable for the work requirements.

A call center agent is the type of job that does not need a college diploma. If you have an acceptable personality, good personal skills, and if you are confident in making remote conversations through telephones, you are qualified to work in the outsourcing call centers industry.

At ArribaTel however, it is not surprising that the majority of call center agents are still graduates from the universities in Cagayan de Oro since these are the potentials with more English skills.

Being an ArribaTel Philippine Call Center agent can be very financially satisfying since you can get additional monetary rewards on top of the salary if can exceed sales quotas. It is indeed a well-paid job if you consider the financial benefits that you will get.

ArribaTel call center has training programs like English communication skills enrichment to personality enhancement to improve the skills of agents.

Philippine call center industry will continue to be an important source of income for many Filipino citizens going into the future.

Start now and see how a Philippine call center can give you a massive advantage in employment and higher business returns.

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