Six Reasons Why Business Franchising Works

Franchising can allow your business to grow at rapid pace, and gain a presence in new markets. Although there are disadvantages to franchising your business, and although it will not suit all business models, franchising is often an under-used tool among business owners that are looking to scale their operation. Following are six reasons why you should consider franchising your business.

Turbo Charge Your Business Growth

One of the greatest benefits to franchising is getting things done fast, and with less labour costs. Youll be able to focus on recruiting franchisees, and then they will focus on growing your business in their region. You can even sell franchisees for an entire country or continent, and allow the franchisee to take your business to the next level.

Reduce Gearing As You Grow

You will increase your capital base from franchising fees as your business grows. A business will traditionally borrow money, and increase their gearing as they grow into new markets. With a franchising model, youll be able to see your sales grow, your market reach grow, and youll also be able to see your balance sheet strengthening at the same time.

Prevent Equity Dilution

When you grow your business it can be tempting to give away equity to fuel growth. Although in many ways this can work out well, it does mean that in the end youre left with a smaller share of the pie. When you grow your business through franchising, youll be able to grow with low levels of debt and without diluting your equity position either.

Galvanize Your Business Against Cannibalisation

When you make money from each franchise that is sold, and you also make money in management fees (usually calculated as a percentage of revenue) cannibalisation ceases to be a problem for the franchiser unless this is something that worries franchisees. The reason: as you take on more franchisees, you make more money from licensing; and although more franchisees may damage a franchisees profitability, it will not damage total revenue, and therefore you will continue to prosper even if your franchisees struggle.

Limit Losses

During a bad year, its possible to make less money, but its not possible to lose money through franchisees losing money. That risk is assumed by them. You will charge management fees as a percentage of revenue, and as revenue cannot be a negative number, you will always earn an amount in management fees from this. In the long term the profitability of franchisees is of paramount importance, but its good to know that you will be stronger than your competitors during more difficult trading periods.

Work With A Network Of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are naturally more motivated than employees; they have a profit incentive. You will be able to benefit from this through having each and every franchise managed by a business person with a strong incentive for their franchise to do well.

Booming Franchise Business In India

Franchise business in India.

Buying a franchise in India is one of the safest and the most lucrative business options for investors. A new emerging market, the booming economy and increased technological advancements beckon investors to come and open their franchises in this beautiful country

Sixteen years ago in India, a McDonalds burger was a thing that people dreamt about. International travellers used to narrate tales about enjoying scrumptious Italian pizzas, delicious fried chicken or other such delicacies in their travels abroad; stuff a middle class Indian could only fantasize about. Nowadays, the story has changed. The advent of technology and globalization has made India a darling of investors from far away lands. The geographical diversity and enormity of the country have been a great factor in the increased franchising opportunities in India. Many companies like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Barista and HP are already well known players in the franchising market.

Researches have proven that franchise business is one of the safest and the most profitable businesses as it involves less investment and more returns. Due to the enhanced communications systems, everyone knows and recognizes big brands and established companies. Hence, the marketing and advertising costs involved in franchising are comparatively low. India is one of the most coveted countries for such franchise opportunities due to its size, diversity and the emerging middle class, . The multinational stalwarts in various fields like food and beverages, power supply and many other industries are looking for people who can help them to set up their franchise in India.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development or UNCTAD has revealed that India is one of the fore most Asian countries for direct investments. In other words, India is a profitable and lucrative prospect for investments and franchise opportunities. One of the main reasons for this is the untapped Indian market. The metro cities have their share of Baristas and Dominos but the interiors are virtually untapped. The increased accessibility between various parts of the country have also enhanced the franchise prospects in the interiors. Otherwise, who could think of coca-cola being available in the high Himalayas or the deserts of Rajasthan? Moreover, the growing purchasing power of the middle class and the recent economic boom has created a lot of demand for new outlets in all sectors.
India is still in its early days of consumerism. Experts believe that India is in fact sitting on a massive, massive consumer explosion. By 2028 India is pegged to have the fifth largest consumer economy in the world, thanks to a holistic performance by the country in most sectors and a favorable business climate. If you think India is already swamped with big multi national companies, think again. Worldwide brands are really just now coming into the country and if there was any right moment for Indian entrepreneurs to wrest the opportunity to tap for growth and expansion, this is it. This is precisely why you must go ahead and buy a franchise.

Sapphire broking & events wish that with this information you will be able to get fair idea about franchise market in India.

Home-Based Franchising – 4 Reasons to Look Into It

Working at home is great, but finding legitimate home-based franchising opportunities can be tough. However, by doing careful research before you invest in anything, running a successful franchise from the comfort of your own home can become a reality!

Why is it so important to work at home?

Because you get so much out of it, including:

-More freedom
Home-based franchises allow you to have a flexible schedule that simply does not exist with office-based franchises. You can set your own hours and even avoid a frustrating daily commute!

As an added benefit, working from home can save you a bunch of money. Home-based franchises have lower start-up and operating costs than office-based ones which means you can turn a profit faster at home than if you were renting an office somewhere.

-The ability to work from anywhere

Some franchises can call your home office home permanently. Others may work well at home for awhile, but may eventually grow too big for a home office. Some may even afford you the opportunity to work from your vacation home or move to a brand new city. If all you need is a computer and a phone, you can go anywhere without worrying about how it will affect your business!

-Control over how your business grows

As a home-based franchisee, you can choose how fast your business grows. If you think it would be best to work from home for awhile so that you can save up for office space later you can do it. If you want to set a timeline for how long you work from home, you can do that, too. Since youre the boss, you call the shots.

-Access to a complete support network

When you own a franchise, youre never really alone. Quality franchisors will offer ongoing educational opportunities to home-based franchisees, and they will provide ongoing training whenever you need it. Good franchisors even keep the best interests of their franchisees in mind by providing on-site support like sending a field team to your home office to give you training and encouragement.

And youll also get support outside the company. Many franchisors give their home-based fracnhisees access to marketing assistance and public relations services. Theyll even send IT professionals to your home office to get all of your technology set up!

Even though youre working from home, you will have all of the tools you need to build a successful, professional business!

Lesley D’Arcy As a Franchise Recruitment Manager at Mortgage Choice, Lesley D’Arcy is responsible for recruiting franchisees to greenfield (new) opportunities. Her career in franchise recruitment spans over 15 years where she has worked with many major franchise brands. Lesley has a wealth of experience in recruitment of franchisees and builds on this experience by unearthing and developing the latest and most innovative ways to help franchisors build their networks. This experience has given her the skills to become an expert in the field of franchise recruitment, excelling in lead generation, screening, qualifying and selling to prospective franchisees.

Franchising Business Vs Establishing Your Own Brand

Several of us are looking to get their own business but there are aspiring proprietors that are still pondering wheter to take a franchise venture or assemble a traditional business. A lot of are dreaming to have a productive business enterprise but only number of of them has their success story to share. You will find two choices in beginning a venture, you can start having your own business name or you can choose getting a franchise venture. Let us try and differentiate the two to help you come to a decision what suites you properly.

In a franchise firm there will be luxury getting aid from your franchising business, you are sure that their name and reputation is already set, you already have your clientele; franchise corporations already earned the belief from their potential buyers, so it would not be tough for you to get their confidence. You will also be provided of everything you need to have starting from seminars for yourself (this may equip you in managing your small business), trainings for your workforce, uniforms, stores, company brand and logo, food materials down to the particularly minor details like the utensils, tissue and so on. You already have a back bone for your business, due to franchising firms are being supported by massive and dependable companies this will guarantee your small business will live, compared to regular business in chich 80% of them close with in their very first year and only 20% survive. Even though franchising business also have rules and regulations, it will be tricky to use your own commercial ideas because they already created a strategy that is definitely tried and tested. Franchising companies are strict with their regulations, you need to sign an agreement in order for your to get the right to use their business name and logo, this will also show your partnership with them and you are also agreed to their terms and conditions.

Taking the risk of setting up your own agency name will take good deal of guts and confidence (and a lot of luck). Beginning your small business from scratch isn’t going to give you the convenience that a franchising business can provide, here you need formulate your own approach that will really work, there will be a great number of trials and errors, it will require time for you to obtain your customers trust due to most of consumers trust a brand or a trademark which is acknowledged or familiar to them. This will not present you with assurance that your business enterprise will be successful, this will depend on your strategies in managing your company. Starting your own business enterprise brand would be risky but when you’ve got the guts to go on together with your battle go forward and do it.

Regardless of whether you chose to own a franchise business or beginning your own enterprise brand, it is all up to you. Verify your knowledge of handling a business and you also have to consider your resources and funds. It is all up to you if starting your own venture brand or getting a franchising company will be a success.

Follow Marketing Process For Franchising Success

A strategic tool used for the origin, growth and success of any business is marketing. Franchising is not aloof of it. A strong marketing strategy is as important for a franchising as it is for any other business. A franchise business is a double marketing strategy. On one hand it boosts the sales of the parent company where as on the other hand it also takes care of the franchised outlets. A franchisor promotes the brand at the national level while its franchisees promote the brand at the local level. A good marketing plan presents in detail the necessary actions to achieve one or more marketing objectives. Here are some factors that need to be taken into consideration to plan the marketing process resourcefully.
Marketing process helps the franchisor and the franchisees in bringing value and assurance profitability to the franchising business. It is customized to understand the needs and demands of the customers and satisfy them. The marketing process involves marketing strategy, situation analysis, marketing-mix decisions, control and implementation.
Marketing strategy: It is necessary to conduct market research as it provides specific information about the market. A franchisor or franchisee has to strategically plan to pursue the required business proposition. Not only this, market information makes it easy for you to target the specific customers and make changes according to the market.
Analysing the situation: All businesses whether franchised or independent needs to have an edge over other rivals to achieve sustainable growth. A thorough analysis of the situation is required to flourish successfully in the fierce competitive market. As customers are the driving force of a business, therefore, a franchisor or franchisee has to analyse the customers requirements on regular intervals.
Marketing-mix decision: Marketing-mix includes four Ps i.e. product, price, place and promotion. It is the basic and tactful element of marketing plan. It One can modify the offering (to the customers) by varying the elements of marketing mix. For instance, if your product or service is high profile, then you need to focus more on the promotion part rather than focusing on the price. Similarly, if your offering is meant to the lower middle class then you need to highlight the price tag to allure the target customers. So, marketing-mix holds the most important part of marketing process.
Implementation and control: After successfully marketing the product or service in the market it is essential to monitor it closely. Monitoring the marketing process is necessary in order to incorporate the necessary changes. As the market keeps on changing it becomes essential to accommodate the changes to ensure the sales at various franchised outlets.
So it is time for all you new franchisors to acknowledge that marketing process is an integrated process through which businesses operate and accomplish their business targets. It is universally accepted fact that business and marketing are mutually dependent and complementary to each other and when done tactfully can help meet the preferred business objectives.