Six Reasons Why Business Franchising Works

Franchising can allow your business to grow at rapid pace, and gain a presence in new markets. Although there are disadvantages to franchising your business, and although it will not suit all business models, franchising is often an under-used tool among business owners that are looking to scale their operation. Following are six reasons why you should consider franchising your business.

Turbo Charge Your Business Growth

One of the greatest benefits to franchising is getting things done fast, and with less labour costs. Youll be able to focus on recruiting franchisees, and then they will focus on growing your business in their region. You can even sell franchisees for an entire country or continent, and allow the franchisee to take your business to the next level.

Reduce Gearing As You Grow

You will increase your capital base from franchising fees as your business grows. A business will traditionally borrow money, and increase their gearing as they grow into new markets. With a franchising model, youll be able to see your sales grow, your market reach grow, and youll also be able to see your balance sheet strengthening at the same time.

Prevent Equity Dilution

When you grow your business it can be tempting to give away equity to fuel growth. Although in many ways this can work out well, it does mean that in the end youre left with a smaller share of the pie. When you grow your business through franchising, youll be able to grow with low levels of debt and without diluting your equity position either.

Galvanize Your Business Against Cannibalisation

When you make money from each franchise that is sold, and you also make money in management fees (usually calculated as a percentage of revenue) cannibalisation ceases to be a problem for the franchiser unless this is something that worries franchisees. The reason: as you take on more franchisees, you make more money from licensing; and although more franchisees may damage a franchisees profitability, it will not damage total revenue, and therefore you will continue to prosper even if your franchisees struggle.

Limit Losses

During a bad year, its possible to make less money, but its not possible to lose money through franchisees losing money. That risk is assumed by them. You will charge management fees as a percentage of revenue, and as revenue cannot be a negative number, you will always earn an amount in management fees from this. In the long term the profitability of franchisees is of paramount importance, but its good to know that you will be stronger than your competitors during more difficult trading periods.

Work With A Network Of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are naturally more motivated than employees; they have a profit incentive. You will be able to benefit from this through having each and every franchise managed by a business person with a strong incentive for their franchise to do well.