What Is Causing The Premature Failure Of Automotive Batteries

A German manufacturer of luxury cars revealed that 400 SLI battery (Starting-Lighting-Ignition = start / Lighting / Ignition) was returned under warranty, 200 of them were working well and had no problem,such as Dell xps m1730 battery. The low load and stratification are the most common causes of apparent failures. The automaker revealed that the problem is more common on large luxury cars with optional accessories that use a lot of energy on low-end models.
In Japan, the failures of hp Pavilion DV1000 battery are the biggest complaint among new car owners. The average car is driven only for 13 km (8 miles) per day, mainly in cities with traffic congestion. Accordingly, the batteries will never fully charged and sulfation occurs. The batteries in cars in Japan are small and do not provide enough energy to start the engine and perform some rudimentary functions. North America may be protected from these battery problems, partly because driving distances are longer.
A good battery performance is important,like the Dell xps m1330 battery.because the problems blured customer satisfaction during the warranty period. Any required maintenance is recorded and the number published in trade magazines during this time. These data are of great importance among the potential buyers worldwide.
The malfunction of the battery is rarely caused by a defect in factory driving habits are the most common culprits. Too much electrical energy may be withdrawn for the distance traveled. Accordingly, the battery does not get its full load of regular maintenance, a requirement which is so important to the longevity of a battery-lead acid. According to a European manufacturer of automotive batteries to market leadership, the factory defaults are less than 7% of the total.
It is difficult to achieve a rapid and reliable assessment of failures of batteries. The most used Dell vostro 1510 battery testers simply take readings of the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps = Current cold start) and voltage. The capacity, which is the most important measure of a battery is not available. While making read-only CSF is relatively simple measure of the capacity is extremely complex devices that offer this feature are expensive. For this reason, most devices for measuring capacity are still based on the application of a full discharge and recharge. This procedure is commonly used in lab environment. The concept of time does not permit this for the servicing sector.
The Spectro CA-12 Cadex Electronics is the first in a series of Dell latitude d531 battery testers upscale, which is capable of measuring capacity, CCA and state of charge (SOC = state of charge) in a single test not disruptive. The technology is based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) multi-model. The system injects 24 excitation frequencies ranging from 20 to 2 000 Hz. The signals are regulated at 10mV / battery to remain within the linear portion of the battery voltage (thermal battery voltage) of lead-acid couple. This allows stable readings for small and large batteries.
The test lasts 30 seconds, during which about 40 million transactions are processed. A patented algorithm analyzes the data and final results are displayed in capacity, CCA and state of charge. The Spectro CA-12 for batteries is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Spectro CA-12, the tester of automotive batteries.
This device is the first in a series of battery testers that displays capacity, CCA and state of charge. A patent using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy multi-model has been given to Cadex Electronics.
The developed battery testers are designed to work in a range of preconfigured test,for one thing ,the Dell latitude d820 battery testers . Contrary to a photocopier that duplicates any document on the glass shelf, a battery tester fast high-end needs to know the battery type, nominal capacity, CCA and tension. In addition, a matrix is required and it is in relation to her readings are compared. These matrices include the family of current SLI sealed batteries, deep cycle batteries, those with glass fiber mat absorbent (GMTs = Absorbent Glass Mat), those with a spiral wound design and those used for gel-type chairs Wheel and people carriers. Matrices can also be developed to test the batteries containing lithium and nickel. The Spectro CA-12 is capable of storing 5 groups of matrices selectable menu to perform the maintenance of most common battery banks.
When will be available early next year, the Spectro CA-12 will include most usual matrices. The new matrices can be added while scanning the Dell inspiron 510m battery of the same model and different levels of performance using the CA-12 down a particular program. Before scanning, the batteries must be prepared by a program of discharge / charge set. Using the software “PC companion”, the data collected are sent home Cadex where engineers assemble the code and return a functional matrix to the user for download to the tester.