LinkedIn PPC Advertising – Is it just another PPC Ads Platform

You can reach out to your target market by using LinkedIn Advertising. This is another Social Media Pay Per Click platform. LinkedIn PPC Advertising uses demographic targeting, structured like the Facebook advertising. The LinkedIn PPC advertising is known as LinkedIn Direct Ads. Facebook PPC Advertising is strictly more result-oriented for -business to consumer- models. On the other hand, LinkedIn Advertising records more success with -business to business- models.

LinkedIn PPC advertising works like any other Pay Per Click advertising – meaning that you must spell out an identifiable goal in your mind prior to getting ahead with the campaign. It is also necessary to have insights on the makeup of your target market and on the common characteristics of this target market.

Find out the demographics you can target using LinkedIn Direct Ads
Conspicuously, you are likely to reach less number of prospective users as you get more granular!

As mentioned earlier, the LinkedIn PPC is structured like Facebook Advertising, where you can incorporate text and may also employ a 50 by 50 pixel image if you choose to do so. Experts recommend the use of an image to aid outstanding ads and thus increase the chances of evoking the interest of a user.

Tracking your LinkedIn advertising effort is very essential. Bear in mind that LinkedIn does not make conversion tracking available. Consequently, ensure that you create goals in Google Analytics with ads attached to track traffic. Be a fast learner and follow the quick path of online marketing strategies that make the most out of LinkedIn Pay Per Click Advertising and other PPC advertising options.

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