Take A Classy Approachuse Wicker Baskets And Barrels To Display Retail Items

Retail storeowners recognize the importance of a good sales floor display. Chain stores have turned sales floor layout into a science, studying which arrangements generate the most sales. Floor plans are distributed by the home office with each inventory shipment. Solo retail shop owners do not receive this benefit but if they use attractive displays like wicker baskets and barrels, they can get the same results.

Sometimes, displays are more about quality than quantity. This means that even the smallest retail shop can create a killer display if it uses the correct fixtures. Wooden displays are much more attractive than metal versions so whatever they hold will look more appealing to customers. Retail storeowners give their inventory a competitive advantage when they use wooden fixtures.

Wood has a timeless quality and it can be fashioned into different types of containers to hold nearly anything. Basket displays have become hugely popular in recent years. They are used to hold everything from candy and chips to socks, sunglasses, and small novelty items. A wicker basket display looks beautiful even when it is empty. Picture a sturdy metal frame holding 12 wicker baskets each measuring 15 inches wide and 16 inches deep. The possibilities for what this fixture can hold are endless.

Though it only measures about 30 inches in diameter, there may not be room to add this display to the store. Fortunately, smaller versions are available that feature four baskets in a vertical display, four baskets displayed as two rows of two baskets, and a three-container display featuring unique oval baskets. These displays sell many different products with flair, allowing retailers to sit back and watch the profits accumulate. The fixtures are so effective that some retail owners use them exclusively.

Wooden barrels seem like they were made for dollar and discount stores. They are excellent for displaying a massive quantity of inexpensive items like toys, paperback books, CDs, and accessories. Children love digging through these baskets to find exactly what they want. Adults like the attractiveness of these displays offered by the use of different colors and customization options.

There is no way that retailers can go wrong with a wooden display. Even the most mundane items look beautiful when shown off from one of these containers. Shoppers will spend much time hovering over the wicker baskets and wooden barrels, trying to decide what they should buy. Retailers can make the decision easy by pricing inventory competitively.