Sports Facilities Construction Requires Special Expertise

Special technical expertise is required for sports facilities construction and installation of equipment related to different sports. Different sports facilities require sports pitches to be prepared to different specifications depending upon their use. For instance, sports facilities to be used as Multi-use Games Areas will have to take into consideration the requirements of all the sports to be played on the pitch as compared to single-purpose sports facilities or indoor sports halls.

In case of outdoor sports facilities, the process of construction begins with a site inspection followed by excavation of the ground. The base layers are installed in a way as to offer a stable foundation and to serve as an effective shock pad. Good drainage is one of the most important requirements of these sports pitches.

Synthetic sports surfaces can vary in their playing characteristics depending upon the requirements of the sports to be played on them. This is the reason why artificial turf is available in a range of pile lengths. While shorter pile is meant for sports played at the professional level, longer pile length may be preferred for recreational sports. An expert firm, based on your requirements, can install a 30mm pile or a 20mm pile. The most important thing in this regard is to conform to the I.A.A.F guidelines for installations.

A professional firm, specialised in manufacturing and installing artificial grass, also offers a choice of colours of artificial turf. For instance, you may go for one colour blade artificial pitch to the ones that feature two colour or multi-coloured tufted blade.

Outdoor athletics tracks with artificial surfaces also require the expertise of a professional firm for their construction. Athletic tracks should be slip resistant so as to minimise chances of falls to athletes. These surfaces, in most cases, are made from an impermeable double compound polyurethane system which allows for better drainage, whilst making the surface uniform and durable. Fibrous rubber granules are blended with polyurethane binders in a special machine. The mixture is then installed at full depth using special equipment.

The construction of indoor sports halls would benefit from a complete design and advisory service with budget proposals. Therefore, services of a professional firm may be sought. Multi-coloured markings on the sports surface are an integral part of a sports facility used as an indoor sports hall or a Multi-use Games Area, where a variety of sports are played.

Sports facilities construction not only includes the installation of sports surfaces, but also other important services such as installation of fences, fixed sports equipment, floodlighting, electronic scoreboards, air supported structures, and much more. Many leading companies in this field do not only offer the services of sports facilities construction, but also that of sports surface maintenance.