Nuggets Of Wisdom The Jim Rohn Network Marketing Way

The Jim Rohn network marketing connection is well-known in the industry for good reasons. Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, business philosopher, and motivational speaker as well as author, was and is considered one of the influential network marketing experts and personal development trainers. His rags-to-riches story based on his outstanding networking knowledge and skills have served as an inspiration to millions, not to mention that he was considered as a mentor to a generation of successful men including Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and Tom Hopkins.

Of course, his books on network marketing specifically Building Your Network Marketing Business is considered one of the bibles for network marketers regardless of their level of expertise. It’s just too bad that he has passed away and, hence, he cannot impart his words of wisdom in person.

Fortunately, you can still enjoy the following nuggets of wisdom from the Jim Rohn network marketing school of thought, thanks to the abundance of his articles, books and audio books.

The Law of Averages

If you do something, say, calling the people on your recruitment list, as often as possible, you will eventually become better at it. Your average rate of success will increase because you keep working on your business in general and your knowledge and skills about it in particular.

Think of it this way: When you first started out, you may have failed to persuade 9 out of 10 possible recruits. But as you gain more skills, your batting average increases to 5 out of 5 and since each recruit will also bring in more people on board, your network marketing business will grow and grow.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

This is probably the most popular saying in the Jim Rohn network marketing school of thought. The saying is also related to the parable of the sower in the Bible (Matthew 13:1-23) wherein many of the seeds were eaten by the birds, thus, lessening the number of seeds that can take root in the soil.

In Jim Rohn’s analogy, the seeds are the possible recruits while the birds are various factors that prevent them from taking root, such as anti-network marketers/cynics and competing network marketers. For example, your competitors have persuaded your recruits about skipping the meeting you have planned for them.

Regardless of the birds, however, you must continue sowing your seeds so that you can reap what you have sown in the future. Some of the seeds that have escaped the birds may die, such as when your recruits experienced buyer remorse or quit in the middle of training for any reason. Some of them will also wither from the distractions present in the environment.

Just press on with sowing your seeds on fertile ground and perhaps even on ground that appears to be infertile. You will find that the Jim Rohn network marketing school of thought advocates working hard and working smart, too.

Indeed, becoming as successful as Jim Rohn in the networking industry means patience, persistence and perseverance coupled with knowledge and skills learned from the Jim Rohn network marketing school even when your education mainly involves reading his works and listening to his videos/audios.