Popularity Of Food-cart Franchise Businesses In The Philippines

What are the kinds of businesses are popular in the Philippines today? According to many experts, franchise businesses had become a popular trend in the Philippines. And part of the reason why businesses is because of the many new franchise available in the market, such as food-cart and food-stall businesses which are considered today as some of the most wide-spread businesses in the Philippines today.

Popularity of Franchise Businesses in the Philippines
According to many experts, franchise businesses became popular in the Philippines because of the many new franchising concepts which gave Filipinos the opportunity to own a profitable business. This is when food-cart and food-stall businesses were introduced in the Philippine market. And unlike other franchise businesses, these franchises are far simpler and smaller.

Benefits of Small Franchising Businesses
Unlike in the past in which most franchise businesses in the Philippines were large businesses, such as convenient stores, fast-food restaurants, and many more, food cart-and food-stall businesses are smaller, which could only occupy a small space in a high foot-traffic location, such as in malls, shopping centers, bus and train terminals, and even in wet markets and sidewalks.

Because of its versatility and flexibility, these types of franchising businesses became popular among many Filipinos who are looking for a simple business that they can easily manage by themselves.

But other than its simplicity, another reason why food-cart and food-stall businesses became popular is because of its lesser expensive franchising cost compared to other franchise businesses in the Philippines, allowing more Filipinos to have the same opportunities that many wealthier Filipinos have had with Franchising business Philippines.

No Requirements Needed
Unlike larger franchise businesses, which normally requires one to have experience in management as well as have attained an MBA, these small and simple franchise businesses usually don”t require anything other than the franchising fee. And although its more expensive than starting a business from scratch, these businesses, however, can offer Filipinos the profitability that start-up businesses usually lack.

Business Loans for Franchise Businesses
Business loans had also gained a lot of popularity in the Philippines because of franchise businesses. A popular example of those that offer such services is Ka-Negosyo (business-partner) by BPI. It is a branch in BPI which give Filipinos the advantage of franchising a business, or starting their own business, by giving them the capital they needed.

Ka-Negosyo is one of the few popular loan firms in the country that can offer Fast cash loan Philippines which gives them the opportunity to acquire their capital faster compared to other loan firms in the Philippines.