Why Using Umbrellas as a Marketing Tool Is a Good Idea

Umbrellas are ubiquitous on rainy days. Instead of looking people in the eye, you look them in the umbrella. This is a great branding opportunity. People are walking around with all that open real estate for ads. What better way to strengthen your relationship with your customer base than helping them out on a rainy day?

If youve given out free items with your company logo on them, you will have increased good will for your enterprise and increased your companys public presence. Whenever people grab them, averting discomfort and a bad hair day, they will think of your company. Branded products that protect people from the rain are an especially good idea in rainy cities like Seattle and London.

Expressing Customer Appreciation with a Gift

Baseball teams know what a great idea that logo umbrellas are. This is why they give them away at the ballpark. They use the teams color schemes. This is a good strategy for your company to follow as well. If you have company colors, order your promotional items in those colors. The more integrated and seamless you can make the advertisement, the better.

It is through gestures like giving away useful products that companies can build the sort of loyalty associated with sports teams. Customers express their appreciation for your product by buying it. It is important that you express your appreciation for them as well. An ideal way to do this is through gestures like gifting them quality items. It is important, of course, that what you are giving away be of high quality. If it is not, then they will reflect poorly on your companymaking your services seem low quality as well.

Going for the Golf-Player Demographic

Golf players are a demographic that any business would be happy to have a good relationship with. It is no secret that the average golf player has a fair amount of disposable income. You can do this by giving away a promotional golf umbrella. These are normally larger than other ones (in order to keep the golf cart dry). Additionally, umbrellas that have a design that are more concerned with ergonomics (since a golfer with a sore hand is not a very good player) are de rigueur on the links. Golfers will be glad that you understand their particular needs, and they will provide you with a mobile advertisement in a coveted advertising market.

Giving away branded products is an excellent way to communicate that yours is a conscientious and committed company. It is a good way to communicate that your company is in it for the long haulthat you will spend a little money in order to build good relationships with your customers.