What You Should Know About Kayak Sales

As more and more people become aware of sea kayaking, we see sea kayak sales climbing. The great thing about this type of outdoor activity is that the entire family can enjoy it. In addition, sea kayaking is something that can be done by the elderly or young without experience as a peaceful activity or it can be done by thrill-seekers that look for the challenge, something hard and invigorating. Because sea kayaking is so diverse, it takes different styles of kayaks to keep up.

Some of the more popular types of sea kayaks include the flatwater kayak, touring kayak, sea kayak, sit-on-top kayak, surf kayak, canoe, and then of course, you have your kayak accessories. In this article, we wanted to touch on the sea kayak specifically so you can see the differences in this category alone. With this, you can determine the right type of kayak for you and have a better understanding why sea kayaks have become such a hot commodity.

Most people who start out kayaking will go with a recreational or flatwater kayak. Once the basic strokes have been mastered, they will generally progress to the sea kayak. With this, you would find you have more confidence on the water, having the ability to explore the ocean waters in a new and exciting way. However, to enjoy sea kayaking, you do not have to be a professional, although you could be. You will find everything from in-store sea kayaks that are your entry level choice to the expedition models, which are generally used for the more seasoned kayaker, to the adventure kayaks, those used by people who love pushing the envelop.

-Dagger Apostle – This sea kayak is a high performance, large carrying capacity vessel that is made from durable plastic. Great for extended touring or expeditions in open waters, this sea kayak has three bulkheads and an easily accessible day-hatch located just behind the outfitted cockpit. This sea kayak comes with bow and stern hatches, neoprene cover and hard hatch, deck lines, shock cord deck riggings, recessed deck fittings, adjustable foot braces, carrying toggles, flip rudder system, padded seat cover, and three, secure mini-cell bulkheads.
-Galasport Metax – This sea kayak is a light, fast option with an easy access cockpit and comfortable seating for extended touring. This kayak is also stable but responsible, quick turning, handles surf windward waves well, offers a functional deck layout, low stern deck, two water proof hatches, rudder, recessed fittings, and SS fasteners.

-Perception Eco Bezhig – For this sea kayak, you will enjoy the ultimate in comfort. The design is sleek and responsible. This expedition boat is great for both day and multiple day trips. The kayak tracks well, offers increased stability, offers a roomy cockpit, although some feel it is a little too restrictive.

-Australis Gecko – Known as the “budget” sea kayak, this is a great day trip choice. With two sealed storage compartments, you will find you have enough room for one to two nights of camping gear. The bow is shaped to cut and lift any oncoming swell while deflecting water from the kayak, keeping the kayaker dry.