What Makes The Best Sales Jokes

Working in a sales environment can be really tough and you need to know the tricks of the trade to succeed and be a top salesperson. You need to be able to speak to people with ease and feel confident in your abilities to sell products and services to total strangers.

While there are many different sales techniques that you can learn and be successful with there are also other practices that you can implement. One of these is telling the best sales jokes during your conversation with your customers. If you have never thought about using jokes during your sales conversations you may be keen to learn more. So what makes the best sales jokes?

To start with you need to make sure that the jokes that you have in your repertoire are relevant to selling products. In other words you do not need to start telling jokes about anything that is unsuitable for the subject you are discussing. If you start going off track when you are telling a joke to a customer you will start to lose the thread of your conversation.

When this happens you are not likely to close the deal and make your sale. So make sure that your jokes are in keeping with the type of conversation that you are having with your customers. Next you need to make sure that you do not tell any jokes that could be seen as offensive.

While this may be common sense to many people there are still plenty of salespeople who overstepped the mark when they are trying to tell the best sales jokes. When you do this you instantly create hostility between yourself and your customer and this will put a stop to making a sale with them. So before you tell a joke to a customer make sure that you are clear in your mind it will not cause offence to anyone.

To check this why not tell a joke you find humorous to your boss? If he or she laughs and gives you the go ahead then you know that you have a really great sales joke under your belt that you can bring out when the time is right.

When you are thinking about what makes the best sales jokes you should also make sure that you do not tell too many jokes. Your customers do not want to be on the phone with a comedian.

They want to get great information from you about the products or services that you are selling and have a laugh along the way. So even if you have several fantastic jokes don’t go in for the overkill or this could have the opposite effect to what you are looking for.

Now you know what makes the best sales jokes you need to start trying them out on your customers. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself and this will shine through in your conversation.

So good luck and hopefully you will soon see your sales start to increase.