Volkswagen Passat 1.8T auto transmission troubleshooting – Maintenance – Automotive Maintenance Ind

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of mechanical structures Symptoms: a 2003 article Shanghai Public B51.8T Passat sedan, equipped with ZF of Germany produced the 01V type (5HP-19FL) Hand / from one 5-speed electronically controlled automatic Transmission , Mileage to 120,000 km. The car’s transmission had been repaired in the other repair shop, to repair the fault is no reverse gear, the impact of forward gears, no reptiles and transmission within Abnormal noise .

Troubleshooting: plant maintenance personnel in the next car after the repair, but repairs to a certain degree it difficult to continue. I take car to the maintenance staff asked them about their maintenance through. Maintenance personnel is that statement: First connection failure Diagnostic On the transmission electronic control system was tested, only found a P0730 fault code. When checking the transmission oil level and found missing at least 2L of about ATF, ATF again added test, fault phenomenon remains intact. Because the new automatic transmission plant maintenance experience failure is not very rich, so can only do simple dismantling. Remove the transmission oil pan, ATF found that black and pollution, but did not find too many Wear and tear Particles, so they remove transmission hydraulic control valve body to decompose wash, in the cleaning process does not find all slide valve have wear and cable wiring. Refitted after the test, the results reverse gear still no crawling process, only the increase Accelerator To 2000r/min be driving around the same time, there is creeping forward while blocking cold hot car is not crawling, it does not conduct road tests. .

In this case, we are involved in vehicle maintenance failure. The road test, the basic failure phenomena by the reaction with the repair shop the fault phenomena coincide. Thus we first connection failure diagnostic apparatus, check the transmission of the electronic control system, where its fault memory read out the P0730 fault code, meaning the fault code information for the transmission gear ratio error. Transmission control unit through the receiver input shaft speed Sensor G182 and G195 output shaft speed sensor to calculate the transmission ratio of each gear, there is usually this fault code the control unit, sensors, circuits and mechanical components within the transmission slipping problem. By reading the transmission of dynamic data and the actual transmission failure phenomenon observed, we are locked into the point of failure in the mechanical and hydraulic aspects, it was decided to dismantle transmission.

Transmission assembly in the decomposition, we found transmission within groups of friction plate burning, transmission mechanical components of the composition shown in Figure 1. In which the active component responsible for reverse gear clutch B group, responsible for 2,3,5-block Brake Components of the C group brake block for 1-4 (low block and direct block) A group of active components responsible for 4,5-gear clutch, and the active component is more severely burning the clutch E group, the most serious is the burning of the clutch B group and A group clutch. Through careful examination, can determine the B group of clutch burning because the group clutch wear gap is too big, forcing the clutch piston stroke to increase, establish a working pressure when the clutch piston stroke exceeds the limit due to campaigns, there spill reverse gear malfunction. The forward gears without crawling is mainly due to group A clutch piston seals caused minor damage relief. As a result, can determine the transmission electronic control system fault code stored P0730 reason is slipping transmission.

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