Visit Bare Wood Furniture Retail Stores For Advice And Also Inspiration

When it comes to furnishing your house, unfinished furniture stores just may contain whatever you are searching for. Not that many people have taken a trip to such stores yet they hold a treasure trove of wonders. You will discover pieces with the potential to be beautiful furniture at half the cost you would spend in an upper class home furniture shop.

When it comes to choosing furniture your own preferences must be considered. But don’t forget the style of home you reside in matters too. You can find both modern and traditional pieces in unfinished furniture stores. Traditional pieces are best suited to period homes leaving the contemporary look for new apartments. You may find it easier to build up some traditional pieces instead of trying to combine the old and new styles.

On the subject of wooden furnishings you will probably want the piece to last for years. Choosing simple but stylish pieces will pay off since they won’t go out of style as quickly as other modern pieces.

You don’t need to make the pieces seem like new. Some people will get bare wood furniture with a view to distressing it to make it look much older. There is a process in creating a distressed furniture piece usually involving specking, dry brushing and stenciling if the furniture isn’t too big. Not everyone likes the distressed finish but it can work very well in some homes.

Other people will buy furniture from the unfinished furniture stores and have it sanded and polished to look as if it was an aged piece. This is easier done with hardwoods such as Oak even though it is possible to make stunning pieces from pine as well. Always test your skills on an unnoticed piece first before you begin working on the part that everybody will see.

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