Vemma Reviews – The Unbiased Vemma Review That Tells The Truth

It isn’t hard to locate Vemma reviews online, but you will often get overwhelmed with sales pitches for Vemma as they are in the most case written by people that are already in this company trying to get you to join their team.

As I am not involved in any way with Vemma personally, my aim with this article and my resource is to give you the facts from an unbiased viewpoint so that you can make an educated business decision on whether or not the Vemma products and business is something that is a match for you.

Even though I am not in the company myself, I do coach and help many successful Vemma distributors in marketing their businesses in the best way possible, and I want to share some of these success tips here in this article.

Vemma was founded by a gentleman called BK Boreyko In 2004 Boreyko and his research and development staff from his previous company, New Vision, put togheter the Vemma formula and started this new company.

Vemma manufactures many liquid nutritional products that are built around their original Vemma formulation, for instance juices, products aimed at children and also energy drinks.

The Vemma products cannot be bought in a store, but are marketed with the use of the network marketing model where everyone who want to can start their own Vemma business and refer their products to others for a profit.

When it comes to building your own Vemma business, using the leverage that can be found in the online world is definitely the way to go.

How would you rather spend your evenings? Would you rather have a bunch of people over to your house and draw circles for there trying to explain why this isn’t a pyramid scheme, or would you much rather check your voice mail and find that 8 people have left you a message saying they have found you online and they want to know how they can be a part of your team?

The truth is that when you align yourself with the right marketing system to use with your Vemma business, you can often experience to sponsor 2-3 people A DAY into your opportunity within just a few short weeks of putting in a little effort. Without facing the rejection you experience when having to push your products on people that arent interested.

Can you see how this can completely turn your business around?

What you have to understand when wanting to recruit new people into the business aspect of the Vemma opportunity, is that most people arent interested to read about just some new products or a new company overview when searching for the right opportunity online.

They are in fact interested in locating the right LEADER to team up with, that one person that has the knowledge and skills to help them get to where they want to go with their business.

So if you want to sponsor many people into your Vemma team, the best actions you can take is to show your prospects who YOU are and WHAT they will get for joining you in your business.

People dont join business opportunities. People join other people because they know, like and trust them, and you will not get your message across the right way by just throwing around a business presentation.

This comes later down your marketing funnel, after the prospect has gotten to know YOU first and decided that you are a potential person to team up with.

When you understand these basic business principles and apply them to your Vemma marketing strategy, you will experience your Vemma business literally turn around overnight and put yourself on the fast-track to success.