Various Industry Choices For Jobs In Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of erstwhile princely state of Rajasthan, India. The city which is renowned for its timeless elegance and historic heritage, Jaipur allows its inhabitants to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with the help of several industries where they are employed. Jobs in Jaipur are available at high, medium as well as low level industries. The city which inspires millions to head for India tour has developed immensely and is soon emerging as a cradle of job opportunities. Careers in Jaipur are inevitably available at a great scale in textile and service industries. Banking industry is another lucrative field which offers jobs in both government as well as private sectors.

Textiles: There are also various agricultural setups that offer lucrative job opportunities in Jaipur. Cotton industry is a very prominent industry which offers great benefits. Textile designers and other technologists in this field are paid-well and can build a highly rewarding career around this industry.

BPO & Outsourcing: The city is one also a recommended zone for BPO and outsourcing industry. In fact, it ranked 31 among 50 Emerging Global Outsourcing cities in 2008. Various renowned companies have their BPOs set-up build in Jaipur. Hence, candidates seeking jobs in Jaipur surely have a great deal of choices in IT, BPO and outsourcing industry. This is a youthful industry which has been providing a lucrative career options to a great percentage of young professionals. Graduates, undergraduates, software engineers, IT professionals, management professionals all are welcomed with open arms by BPO industry.

Jewelry Manufacturing: Jaipur is also a famous exporter of Gold, Diamond and stone jewelry in Asia which makes this industry one of the reputed job sectors as well. Manufacturing to sales of these precious and semi-precious stones require hard-work of skilled artisans and professionals and Jaipur is fortunate to have a history of skilled workforce in this industry. More entries are always welcomed here as well.

Tourism: It is a well-known fact that Jaipurs booming economy has a lot to do with tourism industry. The city of palaces and forts, royal fables and historic sagas, cultural vivacity and zesty celebrations, Jaipur is one of the most coveted travel destinations in the country. Every year travelers from round the world visit it to explore the city. Hence, tourism industry requires a large amount of work-force and hence there is no dearth of opportunities in this field. From hospitality to transport and other logistics there are various lucrative jobs in Jaipur. Fresh graduates can also apply for various executive level roles, while those with management degrees, a degree in hospitality or a diploma in travel are always preferred choices of employers for this industry.

These are some of the obvious choices for careers in Jaipur and the city offers horde of career opportunities for deserving candidates.