Types Of Construction Environmental Impact

Assessing the Construction Environmental Impacts is one of the most important steps in reviewing an environmental plan for new construction. An environment impact assessment (EIA) needs to be administered to determine the possible positive or negative impacts that a proposed project may have on the environment in regards to natural, social and economic aspects.

A friend of mine lives in a small town in the United States. We typically chat by email or skype. Three years ago, Tisa was excited about a new Walmart coming to town. The nearest Walmart is a half hour away. A super Walmart is about an hour away in the other direction. In her place, other option includes a great size retail unit and some small kiosk. What comes on Tisa’s thinking is that there is no need to ask about either the town needs a Walmart or not. If you figure out her facade lawn area, you’ll see various signage denoting “Say yes to Walmart.”

During these past few years, we’ve been discussing the Construction Environmental Impacts that Walmart might have on her small town. In regards to natural, social and economic, these are the concerns that have been brought up thus far.

Natural Impacts

In regards to natural Construction Environmental Impacts, there have been several heated debates. The targeted space for the store is an old airport strip. However, it’s not quite enough space. Walmart would like to purchase part of a nearby golf course. If this were to occur, the Country Club owner would need to expand the course in a different direction. This would mean altering the river that flows through the land that might be used for the golf course. Several studies are currently being done to assess whether or not this would harm the river flow, as well as the animals and plants in the river.

A usual Construction Environmental Impacts is a collection of Canadian Geese! The home is connected to the old airport strip where the geese occur. People who enjoy walking on the strip for exercise are tired of walking over goose poop and would just assume see the geese driven away.

Social Impacts

The social Construction Environmental Impacts mainly center on the fear of drawing “city” people to the small town for shopping. Heated discussions have been held at town meetings regarding whether or not it will be safe to walk at night time or to leave cars unlock. It also means that a local coffee shop will be torn down to make room for the new parking lot. Customers who have been pleasure from standing by at the shop for years are already grief the prospect of leaving their place where they spend most of their time.

Economic Impacts

Regarding economic Construction Environment Impacts, teens and young adults are all for Walmart. They are in hopes of obtaining a job and receiving health insurance. Older folks are afraid that Walmart will force the little shops to close. They don’t have any hope of the shops being able to compete with a large retail store. Because Walmart has started the beginning steps of a building project, it’s caused other chain stores and restaurants to be interested in the area. There are 2 mid-size chain stores already available to visit. Yet once again, some people are fearful of turning into a small city.

Whether it’s small town USA where TIsa lives, or right here in the UK, any time there is a new building project there is a mix of reactions. Evaluating the Construction Environment Impacts allows people to examine the advantages and disadvantaged when trying to manage the project.