Tips for landing a job in retail

Retail is one of the most popular industries to break into. Flexible working hours, staff discounts and career development opportunities all proving highly attractive to jobseekers.

While competition for retail jobs can be fierce, success in the retail recruitment process is well within your reach if you prepare in the right way. The first thing to bear in mind is that strong, determined personalities are often more valuable to retailers than pages of academic qualifications, so try to draw attention to your interpersonal skills and demonstrate how you stand out from the crowd of applicants. .

Jobs in the retail sector involve almost constant interaction with members of the public, so it is important to highlight your excellent communication skills and how much you enjoy dealing with people. Employers are more likely to give a sales job to a bubbly and confident person than a shy and retiring introvert, so always try to let your outgoing personality shine through.

The most successful retail workers are usually the ones who have a passion for their job, as this passion rubs off on customers and encourages them to make purchases. If you are applying for a retail job, you need to show that you have an interest in what the company sells; for example, if you apply to work in a clothes shop, try to demonstrate your interest in fashion, or the pleasure you get from helping people find clothes that make them look and feel good.

First impressions are extremely important in the retail sector, so if you are lucky enough to be invited for an interview, always ensure that you are well presented. While it is not always necessary to wear a suit and tie or a smart dress, you should nonetheless make sure that you are as well groomed as possible. Over-dressing will rarely count against you at a job interview, and making an extra effort at this stage will give you a much better chance of landing your dream job in retail.

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