Thriving Online Retail Business For Men

The days when wives and mothers used to do most of Mens shopping are gone. You are lazy yet you can shop. Driven by the modern retail format of online retail business, Indian men have started liking the taste of shopping. Though they may not be more of the impulse buyer, their contribution to retail sales is pretty significant. Shopping demands patience and women clearly are the better fit for the job. Mens shopping threshold is one tenth as compared to that of a womans, but this is not the end of the story.

One with the heavy pocket: Men are the big spenders not women. Average ticket size of a purchase done by men is considerably higher than that of women. Big ticket items either in online retail business or from the shop are mostly done by men. Either directly or indirectly, the final say on the purchase is theirs. Online, sales above Rs 1 lakh are only made by men and if we move a little lower on the cash spends, 75 per cent of men spend between Rs 10,000-Rs 30,000. Mens per capita annual spend on designer clothing is about Rs 48,000.

While women have patience to roam around in the stores, men do that while researching about a product online. As a result men gain knowledge and women become fussy. Statistics suggest men give 58 per cent business to the online retail market in India while rest 42 per cent is womens share. The average annual expenditure by a man is between 10,000 and 30,000 while in case of females it is less than 10,000. High ticket purchases are clearly ruled by men with 75 per cent of them to their name.”We find that the average male customer is getting younger. Tier II and tier III towns are equal contributor to sales as tier I and metros, tells Kavindra Mishra, Founder Member and VP Sales,, eBays 70 per cent sales recorded are under the name of male consumers. According to Kashyap Vadapalli, Chief Marketing Office, eBay India, their core target audience is primarily male, ages 18-34.

Dedicated men portals: The online retail market in India and its market players have found a way to woo the key consumer that is online most part of the day. Keeping this in mind, a new website has been launched., a complete men centric website, offers products including clothing, bath & body, underwears, watches, fragrances, gym & sports gear, mobiles, gaming consoles etc, it has all the major brands under their belt to cater to almost all needs of men. Shopping is a painful experience for men and they always try to escape; through this site we have given an easy solution for men to shop. Here we cater to all their needs from essentials to clothing, fragrances, watches, body & bath, gym & sports, gizmos etc with the most preferred brands by men. With a large number of users on internet and various social networking sites, the concept of online shopping is growing very rapidly. Through this idea of online shopping we are trying to reduce the time spent in shopping as all the requirements are fulfilled on our website. says Vaibhav Lall Co-founder & CMO, Get Dandy. Other websites meant for men are Mr. and