The Secrets Of Successful Fmcg Sales Recruitment

Fast-moving consumer goods are called so because of the speed at which they fly off the shelves. All regularly consumed products, from milk chocolate to mp3 players, fall into this category.

Selling FMCGs requires a certain degree of aptitude for sales, but not to any extent that may make life difficult. For example, the person who wants to buy a case of beer for the weekend is going to buy one anyway – hardly 1 in 40 people who buy beer will stop to think about the brand at the time of purchase, and even fewer will ask someone at the store to help with the decision.

Working in retail requires a huge amount of stamina and patience. Leave is in short supply, so candidates may find themselves working 6 days a week, and in long shifts that never seem to end. The holiday season is particularly nightmarish, as the whole world turns up to go shopping, and the cashier is expected to stay good-humored through the entire process.

Standing for long hours requires physical stamina, while dealing with disgruntled shoppers who want their lines to keep moving fast requires mental stamina of a completely different order. In addition, anyone working in the FMCG sector needs to be well-informed about the products he/she is selling. Since a number of stores carry multiple brands, the salesman should be prepared to honestly discuss the pros and cons of each brand and to do some much-needed hand-holding for the prospective buyer.

Advertising for FMCGs requires a great deal of creativity, especially as a large set of possibilities has already been acted upon – the FMCG sector comes up with frequent ads, and does not skimp on them. Be ready to pounce on any current affairs that could be used in an ad script, and be fast and relentless while carrying out your idea.

Account managers and sales managers are highly in demand in the FMCG sector. As with all management jobs, these jobs require excellent communication, the ability to think on one’s feet, a good head for calculations, and the capacity to keep calm even in highly stressful situations. Risk management and loss prevention, in particular, require highly steady nerves.

As with all sectors, jobs in FMCG sales are available at all levels, with all sorts of salaries and benefits packages. Picking the right candidate is a matter of being a good judge of character, and of knowing exactly what is needed to do the listed job. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the FMCG industry and its sales sector is one of the best secrets to successful FMCG sales recruitment. The number of applicants will continue to remain high, so just grit your teeth and select the one who looks good enough.