The Role Of Men’s Wholesale Clothing Distributors In The Retail Chain

Men’s wholesale clothing distributors fulfill a very important role in the clothing retail chain. If there were no wholesalers, many shop owners will go out of business. Let us briefly examine why this is the case.

If you are the owner of a men’s clothing store, or even a stall holder, you have to purchase your inventory from one ore more suppliers. The bigger the variety you sell, the more difficult it will be to make deals with all the various manufacturers. In most case they won’t even be interested to sell in such small quantities anyway.

You also face the additional problem that nowadays a lot of clothing is imported. There is simply no way that exporters from China, Europe or India are going to be interested to ship a few hundred items to an individual shop owner – these exporters want large orders, usually container loads.

In come the men’s wholesale clothing distributors. Their role is to source clothing from the various manufacturers and make it available to retailers. The benefit for the retailer is that he has a large variety of items to choose from, all under one roof.

The variety alone makes it worth his while for the average retailer. As every store owner well knows, more variety means more sales. And if you have a men’s clothing store selling general lines of clothing, as well as specialized items such as sports clothing, clothing accessories and boys clothing, you won’t find everything under one roof except at a wholesaler.

One other reason making it a good deal to buy from a wholesaler is the fact that, because they buy in bulk, they get much better prices which they can then pass on to the retailer. As an individual buyer purchasing one or two hundred items at a time, you will never be able to negotiate this type of prices with the manufacturer.

Often wholesalers will provide credit to retailers that have been buying from them for a certain time. If you as a retailer can arrange such a line of credit, you could probably sell the item even before you have to pay for it. This means none of your own money will be tied up in inventory.

Even if you have a specialized order, such as a customer that wants a few hundred T-shirts with his company logo, your clothing wholesaler could well be able to help you. These guys often have a close working relationship with so-called cut, make and trim (CMT) manufacturers who are able to fulfill custom orders. Buying from men’s wholesale clothing distributors therefore makes a lot of sense for a retailer.