The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Franchise Business

Most people want to own their own business. If you are one of them, what could be the kind of business would you want to put up? True enough, many people quit their present jobs in order to have their own business. Despites the elements of the unknown, having your own business is very rewarding. However, because many of the businesses do not succeed during the first few years, deciding on which type of business to venture to is difficult to do. In order to avoid experiencing a failure in a business venture, many would-be entrepreneurs turn to buying a franchise.

What is a franchise business? A franchise consists of a string of businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, business shops, gasoline stations among many others. Many people are now venturing into having their own franchise business because of its many advantages. Of course, where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages, which can make many prospective business owners to think twice about their decision.

Before making the big decision of buying a franchise, here are some pros and cons that you might want to study and consider.

The Pros of buying a Franchise business

When you are someone who would like to go the way of opening a start-up business, it will definite take time, experiments, money and even disappointing results before a business can really take off and make a profit. On the other hand, a franchise business already has a fool-proof method for success. If you acquire a franchise, you are provided with ready marketing and promotional materials and tools and other strategies that are sure to draw customers.

Franchise business already has a customer base to regularly patronize it. Perfect examples of franchise businesses which have established customer base are 7-Eleven and MacDonald’s. If these are your franchise business, you will taste business success soon enough.

The Cons of Buying a Franchise Business

Even if you are a franchise business owner, rarely do you call the shots. Franchises have very strict rules for the franchisees to follow. For example you may want to apply a certain type of promotion and advertisement for your franchise or perhaps you might want to increase the prices. You cannot do this on your own without the franchise’s prior consent. The franchise’s corporate department is the one to make decisions on all aspect of the franchise business.

Franchise business is an expensive business. There are exorbitant start-up costs and franchise fees for franchise owners to contend with. There may even be monthly fees to be paid for the business support and advertisements. Many franchises also require that aside from loans from banks, prospective owners should also put up and invest their own money.