Suggestions about Golf Course Management to Maximize Your Game

Throughout a game of golf we’re facing choices with virtually every golf shot we make. Some can be quite straightforward, like using a driver on longer, problem-free holes. Others get a little harder, like if you find problems ahead and you’ve got multiple shot possibilities. This is basically what course management will be, and the greater amount of good decisions you make the prospect of you completing a good game of golf improve.

As in any sport, what goes into good decision-making starts with getting prepared. Anytime you are making a decision with club selection, knowing the distance you are able to hit each club on average is going to go into good golf course management. You find this on a driving range, and unless you are a low handicap golfer you will not hit a golf club the same distance each ball. When you rely on your greatest shot distance, in all probability nine out of ten golf shots will come up short, and that is poor course management.

Another need-to-know item before you hit the very first tee is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Is what help make this harder are your strengths and weaknesses are usually in a state of flux. As for me, there have been periods when I am entirely confident playing from sand, and other times when I’m clueless. If I know I’m able to hit the sand shot, there have been occasions when I’ve used a trap as being a bail-out spot as opposed to taking the possibility of hitting the shot into rough that might give me an impossible lie. There may be literally numerous situations like this.

Here are just a few additional situations that will help your golf course management decisions:

1.Driver from the tee. Often this will be the way to go, but do not robotically suppose so. Some holes set up for additional precision off of the tee yet the next golf shot is more forgiving. Sound golf course management requires that you leave the next shot with a clear golf swing from a good lie, even though it will take a longer shot.

2.Be familiar with the percentages. With poker, drawing to an inside straight is feasible, but taking those chances will always catch up to you. Always take the high-percentage shot. You may be able to complete a one-in-ten shot, but nine out of ten times you’ll be in danger.

3.Pitching the ball high rather than chipping it low. There are instances when you need to pitch the ball over trouble to your target. But it is a tougher golf shot. Keeping your chip near to the ground and taking as much spin off the ball as you can will take away one more variable, allowing for more dependable control. General rule for better golf course management would be to generally maintain your shot near to the ground for the chip shot.

The modern-day golf clubs will help the mid and high handicapped golfer, as long as they keep the swing under control. Keeping the swing under control will also have an effect on the short game, including chipping. Jim O’Connell is an avid golfer and writer living in Chicago.