See, Multiple Streams Of Income Gold!

See”multiple streams of income ARE gold”or golden. With the economy the way it is today, making financial ends meet can be challenging. One way I have stayed two steps ahead of the game is by not having all my financial eggs in one basket. For the last thirteen years I have been working from my home and out of my home, for several different sources bringing in multiple streams of income. Doing it this way has allowed me to stay ahead of the bill collectors, while at the same time affording me time with my husband, children, extended family, and pets. What can a person do”you may ask? Here are some ideas:

*Write for Greeting Card Companies (Freelance).
*Work from home as a Solicitor for Charity Pick-Up Services.
*Become an Independent Merchandiser.
*Work as a Personal Assistant to the Blind as a Shopper or Driver.
*Work for Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings at night.
*Work as a Phone Actress.
Or My Personal favorite:

*Collect Gold and Silver Coins while Making Money at the same time.

OK, what are these gigs, and how does one go about finding them?

*Greeting Card Companies: To find companies hiring freelance writers” buy a reference book at your local bookstore, or find it at your local library, entitled: Writers Market Guide for 2010, or search Google, typing in: greeting card companies. Then look up or send for writers guidelines. To submit to these companies simply present your ideas on 3 x 5, or 4 x 6 index cards 12 at a time with a rubber band around them, placing your writing verse as so: on one side of the card write: Outside: your verse, Inside: your verse. Then on the back of the card write your name and contact info. This gig used to pay very little but now you can get up to $50.00 for one idea!

*Solicitor for Charity Pick-up Services: All States have charitable pick-up services that call citizens homes to solicit for old clothing, and small household items. They take those items and sell them at thrift stores and then use all or most of the proceeds to help charitable organizations. If you are aware of this, you can ask the person that calls you for a pick up if they have a number you can call to apply. Otherwise I”d suggest calling your local thrift stores and asking the manager if they know of one, or just look in your local yellow pages under charity pick-ups, or get the number off of the trucks you see doing these pick ups, and then call them to see if they hire people to work from home. You can make a good supplemental income doing this as well as feeling good about helping out a charity. When they hire you they will train you.

*Become an Independent Merchandiser: There are dozens of companies across the United States that contract their work to outside vendors. Those vendors will hire you to work for them independently and at your own pace, if you know where to find them. These are not work at home jobs, but flexible positions outside of the home. (Note: if you live in a small town you might have to drive to a larger neighboring town where there are more retail establishments) The companies don”t charge you to work for them; they are legitimate. You can find several positions close to your home to maximize your profits. These multiple streams of income help with holiday money, or just to make ends meet. I sent my son to an Ivy League college three years ago and these jobs helped me to make it until he got that scholarship; they were a God send. To find them look up NARMS on goolge.

*Work as a Personal Assistant to the Blind as a Shopper or Driver: This is a little known creative job niche that most people don”t think of. There are thousands of blind people across America that need personal shoppers, drivers, and or assistants. Because of their vulnerable state, they are wary to advertise due to lack of trust. They usually just network through friends and family to find help, but often times this is not enough and many of them are in dire need of hiring help. They have you shop for and label food items, pick out their clothes, clean their houses, drive, and even gift wrap and do crafts for them. Pay varies, but the word spreads and they tell their disabled friends about you. To find them: Google local blind centers, and blind website addresses, then email, or call the directors with your request.

*Work for Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings at night: This is a very lucrative job that can be done a few times a week late in the day, at night, or on the weekends. It is possible to get several different jobs at the same time for more money. Basically you apply through a company, interview, and then try to get gigs near where you live. My favorite company is, or, because they train you well and the pay is excellent.

*Work as a Phone Actress: This job is not for the modest or faint at heart. It is mostly an opportunity for women and gay men. You get paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly by a company to talk to callers that dial in on a 900 number. They have seen an ad in their local paper and think they are calling a certain type of person, ex. skinny, fat, submissive, lonely ETC. You dial in on an 800 number and plug in your extension. Then you wait on the line and you get call after call. You just get paid to talk, but keep in mind the conversation may and often times, does go sexual. If you don”t mind that”the pay can be excellent, and you get to work from the comfort of your own home.

*Collect Gold and Silver coins while making money at the same time: Collect M70 high grade gold and silver coins monthly, and make money while doing it. This is a new business opportunity that has just come on the market. It is only ten months old as of April 2010, with only 8000 people involved so far. It is really a ground floor opportunity, and the possible money potential is off the chart. What could be better than to collect inflation proof assets for your family”s future and at the same time build a recurring monthly income that can reach 7 figures swiftly? This works on an automated system that takes maybe an hour of your time a week, once it is in place. For more on this “see my website in my Resource Box. Hope all this information will be as valuable to you as it has been for me. To your success!