Open Or Close Ended Mutual Fund Investment Schemes

An ever-growing scheme of mutual funds India calls the necessity to choose the right scheme for oneself. Every scheme has a new strategy related to your investment.

Some people who blindly go ahead with the investment suffer in terms of money when they realize they have chosen a mutual fund investment scheme that did not work for them. It is always imperative to understand and know your scheme before you go ahead with your invest mutual funds. Make sure you research a lot on the company you are planning to invest with and check whether it aligns with your objectives or not.

There are a plenty of schemes in mutual funds India. The major schemes count in open ended schemes, close ended schemes, interval schemes, growth mutual funds, balanced schemes, money market or liquid schemes and tax saving schemes.

Open ended schemes and close ended schemes are the most heard of mutual fund schemes in India. Open ended schemes are for investment in stock market. They are referred to as open-ended schemes as there is no fixed period of maturity. Investors can withdraw anytime they want. If the investor wants to exist from the scheme before the six months, he would have to pay the rate of load.

Open ended mutual funds have their own share of benefits. The time for profit can be booked by the investor. He can ask for his invested money during any emergency. Many open ended schemes offer trigger facility that involves the investor to set a target amount. On the arrival of the target amount, the investor gets his investment redeemed.

The investor can benefit the rupee cost averaging by investing through systematic investment plans (SIPs). The benefits offered by Open Ended schemes make investors invest to create and secure their wealth.

On the other hand, close ended schemes of mutual funds come with a fixed maturity period. The investors here cannot withdraw before the specific time. Long term invest mutual funds of close ended schemes provide a good return on capital. Unlike open ended schemes, the investor cannot get his investment back during any emergency. Redemption cannot be made on the investors willingness, as he does not enjoy the trigger facility under this scheme.

If the period is same, both open ended and close ended mutual funds return the same on capital. Investors looking out for benefits on income tax aim the later. Under the open ended scheme, the investor can leave any time he wants after the expenses are met but the close ended scheme forces the investor to stay under the scheme until the period expires.

The investor, if wants to invest for a longer period, can go for close ended schemes as an instrument of return on investment considering the long-term nature of the scheme. If the investor wants quick returns, then open ended schemes would be a good option. Many companies dealing in mutual funds India now have their own websites through which investors can invest in mutual fund online too.