Oak & Hazel Truffle Farm Investment Is Like A Bank

Yes, it is a unique business idea to invest in an Oak and hazel truffle farm. Investing in a hazel and oak truffle farm should be considered as a longer term investment, but when the trees start to produce, you will have an absolute excellent return on your investment, besides that, you can also get your hands on the superior quality of perigord truffles that the trees will produce. Normally, the truffle trees take a minimum of four years or a little longer before you could start seeing the production of truffles.

Let us now see how various investment avenues for owing a share in a truffle farm can help you

Shares in a Truffle Farm
For investors who cannot invest huge amounts of time and money in owning their own truffle farm, they can still become shareholders in such a farm, which will suit people who have little or no knowledge of truffle farming. This is a hassle-free option to make profits from the truffles, as the maintenance and the entire harvesting processing is taken care of by actual owner of the farm; and their trained staff. You can sit back and watch your investment grow. All the technicalities that go in for maintaining the trees are dealt with by professionals

Why not adopt a truffle tree?
Yes you could adopt a specific tree and make your investment more meaningful; plant a truffle oak sapling and automatically get a share of the truffles that grow on the particular tree you have adopted. We will provide owners with a photograph of the tree you have adopted and also an adoption certificate. You can also visit the tree and be involved in the development of your truffle tree, eventually participating in a truffle hunt.

Have a fair idea about the different kinds of truffle
There are actually thirty specimens of truffle but the most popular kind is the perigord or the black truffle. If you have a sound knowledge about the various kinds of truffles it becomes easier to make an investment, just look at the price per kilo, and you will soon see that for your initial investment will be returned many times over.