Network Marketing Video Show For Training And Tips

When you are in network marketing, you want to take advantage of every option for tips and training you can to make your business as successful as possible. With many programs available for a fee, it is hard to do without running the risk of spending more than you make. This is where Ed Ludbrook enters the picture.

Ed Ludbrook is the man behind the Network Marketing Video Show, a webinar based training program that offers advice, tips and training. Signup for the site is free and you will receive notices of new webinars coming up and a copy of the ebook 7 Secrets of Warm Market Sponsoring.

Ed has become known as ‘The Network Coach’. He has had a major role in network marketing coaching since 1994, coaching people in 30 countries worldwide. The people he has coached have had a combined total of over a billion in increased sales as a result of his coaching.

Originally from New Zealand, Ed started his network marketing career in London. Prior to this, he was an army officer, investment banker and served as a strategic consultant. His ultimate goal in network marketing is to educate people so they have a 100% chance of succeeding.

A big part of this effort is his Network Marketing Video Show. His site where these videos can be found has a store where you can purchase any or all of his books and publications he has written over the years as he developed his coaching methods. You will also be able to watch past videos so you are not limited to just the current videos.

If you are wondering just what Ed’s 100% Success method is about, it is really common sense. The focus is on learning skills before putting focus on performing. Just like most things, you have to learn how to do it before you can do it. Ed knows network marketing in no different.

With Ed’s network marketing video training, you will not only be coached to be successful in your business but will learn leadership skills and how to become a coach yourself. Since network marketing means sponsoring people into your downline, you do need to know how to help your team be successful or you will not be successful yourself.

It is fairly well established that 98% of the people who get involved with network marketing end up quiting because they don’t do well in sponsoring a downline. The reason this is so is that they just don’t get the coaching they need to develop the necessary skills. Those who do get good coaching on a consistent basis do succeed.

Do you want to be successful? Of course you do! Check out Ed Ludbrook’s Network Marketing Video Show to see how it may help you achieve the success that has been elluding you in your marketing business. You can watch a video or two before you decide if this will help you. If you haven’t even joined a network marketing company yet, it may be the best way to learn what you need to do before you are even signed up with a company.