LG GD900 Crystal – an amazing 3G innovation

LG GD900 Crystal is a perfect mobile with transparent slide out touch sensitive keypad which makes it truly elegant. It is a very stylish 3G smart phone with built in 3 inches TFT 3D touch screen which has the powerful version to display innumerable colours, photos, videos, wall papers and screen savers. The gadgets of this unique handset are extremely fashionable.

The user can get access to numerous files in order to view documents in varying formats of Word, Power Point, Excel and PDF files etc. it has a superb external memory which can be extended by storage memory supporting 16 Gigabytes with the use of insert able memory cards. This handset has a polished casing which is gracefully silver coloured to make it look more attractive and gorgeous. The handset has an in-built Wi-Fi technology which easily allows phone to be converted to internet through WLAN or a point of hotspot connection. The internet can be accessed anytime to collect different types of information’s and can be as well connected to near ones for sharing messages through email. LG GD900 Crystal also allows the transfer of data to other compatible devices trough Bluetooth, USB connector. The 3G HSDPA ensures high speed user friendly data transfer at high rate which enables a smart, efficient and effective data transfer function.

LG GD900 Crystal has an integrated 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus and many other camera features to capture clear and high quality pictures. The user can play back recorded clips with the use of video player MPEG4 and DivX format. Music play enables listening to different formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+. FM radio can be tuned to different radio stations. No doubt, this device does not only look stylish but also has innumerable user friendly integrations.

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