Is A Sales Job More Interesting Than An Office Job

There are only three variations of sales jobs. These are known as “Outside” sales, “Inside” sales and Retail. Without doubt, the individual with the ability to understand the mechanisms that make up a good sale is crucial to how fulfilling a sales job will be. In a very fundamental way, most people have sales skills. However, to succeed in sales, resilience and a progressive attitude are necessary. Experienced sales people never allow a rejection to stand in the way of their initiatives. In this respect, a sales job can be more fulfilling for those with the fortitude to continuously push forward, than an office job. Sales, unlike an office job, has its ups and downs. It’s never dull or boring since it lacks the routine of most office jobs.

Outside, Inside and Retail Sales Outside sales jobs are for the individual who finds working behind a desk isn’t to their liking. Outside sales means working out in the field by surveying and prospecting in a specified sales territory. Inside sales usually refers to sales initiated and completed by phone or email. Retail sales are those related to sales in large department stores where a particular product, such as clothing or furniture, are the main focus of sales. In this type of sales, unlike others, most of the customer traffic is via shoppers.

Office Jobs Many jobs that fall into the category of “office jobs”, such as management, accounting, personnel or inventory control as well as administrative. While office jobs often require interaction with other staff members, in most cases an employee with an office job is presented with a specific area of the product or service of the company for which they are responsible.

Defining The Fulfillment Factor When it comes to making a choice between sales jobs or office jobs, a lot depends on the employee’s personality. Each employee has preferences for the variation of work that is most fulfilling on a long-term basis. There is one advantage to sales jobs. Sales staff usually work a pipeline until it becomes depleted and move on to the next sales job with ease. This isn’t necessarily the case with office jobs. An office job, predicated upon routine and the system mandating workflow, may be fulfilling in the sense that employees achieve upward mobility if they are stellar performers. From this achievement is derived fulfillment.

Consider Sales If An Office Job Isn’t Your Cup of Tea Sales jobs aren’t for individuals who take each rejection of their sales pitch personally. There is also another factor inherent to sales jobs. Working a specific sales territory grants the ability to control sales commissions. The territory effectively belongs to the sales person. Therefore, it can be mined for sales commissions to best advantage. The savvy sales person is always looking for new sales and devises resales based on their talent and skills for closing a sale. Closing a sale is undoubtedly the most difficult part of sales jobs. After the initial introduction to the product or service takes place, closing the sale has to be managed properly and with professionality to secure adequate sales commisions. This is generally what defines the success and fulfillment of sales jobs: the ability to increase sales quotas that earn solid sales commissions as well as creating a confident customer base.