Investment Consultants – How To Build A Strong Mailing List

If you plan to grow your business or extend your network of contacts as an investment consultant, you should be building a mailing list of your leads. These are usually leads to people who have shown an interest in what you do and have given you permission to contact them by email. There are many ways for investment consultants to gather leads or subscribers and this article looks at several of the best ways to build a targeted list.

By getting these people into your list you will be able to stay in regular contact with them and some of them will probably go on to become your best prospects and loyal customers.

Who Do You Want To Join Your Mailing List?

There are several categories of people who you should want on your mailing list as an investment consultant, and these include existing clients, potential investors, and in fact anyone else who might be looking for a good investment consultant.

Make it easy for them to subscribe to your newsletter or other announcements. Set up a web page with a simple sign up box where they can easily send you their name and email address.

Write Some Related Articles

One of the keys to building a successful mailing list is attracting targeted prospects to your mailing list, and one of the best ways to source those targeted leads is through article marketing. With article marketing you write an article related to investing that editors and publishers can use free of charge if they show your About The Author paragraph at the bottom of the article. The advantage is that your articles get read by people who are interested in your topic, in this case finance and investment.

You can make your investment articles available at article directories like EzineArticles and ArticleDashboard.

Participate in Forums and Discussions

Another good way to attract targeted leads to your mailing list is to participate in online forums, discussions and even Questions and Answers sites. Look for discussions and questions on related topics such as stock markets, business trends, and investments with good returns. The great thing here is that you can find people who are seeking answers to specific questions to which you can provide answers.

Your active participation in these discussions also helps to build your reputation as an expert in the field. In your signature or profile be sure to include a link back to your own web page.

Place Advertising in Traditional Publications

Take a minute to consider what magazines and journals are typically read by your target audience? Perhaps it is Smart Money or Businessweek. Perhaps there are also some smaller or local magazines that are popular. By taking out advertising in publications like these you can obtain highly targeted leads for your own mailing list.

Do Some Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Advertising through a search engine like Google or Yahoo is another way to reach a highly targeted audience who are searching for particular information. For example you might target people who are searching for keyword phrases related to investment advice, top stock picks, or investment funds.

With pay-per-click advertising networks you decide how much you will pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your web page. Two examples of advertising networks are Google AdWords and Yahoo Sponsored Search.

These are just a few of the ways you can gather new targeted leads for your mailing list. There are many more ways if you really want to build a big, responsive mailing list.