How To Structure A Sales Letter

When your livelihood is writing sales copy for online and offline businesses, it’s absolutely crucial that your copy converts, or your clients simply won’t come back! A huge proportion of my work is repeat business, and a big reason for that is because over the last 7 years or so, I’ve developed a formula that works over and over again, for any product I’m asked to sell.

So if you can’t afford to hire a sales letter copywriter like myself, then here’s my formula for writing a profit-pulling, high-converting sales letter-

STEP #1 – The Headline

Sure, it’s a pretty obvious one, but it’s arguably the most important part of any sales letter, so neglect it at your peril! The fact is, if you want your prospect to remain on your sales page once they’ve landed on it, then your headline needs to grab their attention straightaway, and keep them reading down to-

STEP #2 – The Sub-Headline

As well as the headline, it’s also a good idea to include a sub-headline, too. This allows you to expand on the main benefit of your product offer, or even include another major benefit as well. A sub-headline essentially gives you room to include powerful pulls, without making the headline waffle on too long!

STEP #3 – Address The Prospect’s Problems

At the beginning of the main body copy, you need to address the BIG PROBLEM (the reason why the prospect is on your page in the first place), and then make it crystal clear that you’ll be providing a SOLUTION to this problem very soon. A popular method of doing this is to ask a few questions, like -do you wish that you could lose 10 lbs?- (for a fat loss product), or -are you fed up with always being broke?- (for a business opportunity or make money online type of product).

STEP #4 – Talk About The Benefits Of Your Product

After you’ve addressed the prospect’s main problem(s), then you need to make it clear that YOUR product will offer the solution they’ve been looking for, and if they stick around for a little while longer, you’ll reveal precisely what it is! This is the perfect place to list some of the main benefits of the product, in order to whet their appetite a little and keep them reading.

STEP #5 – Reveal Who You Are And Why You’re Qualified To Help

Naturally, If you’re reading a piece of sales copy and thinking about buying the product in question, then you’ll want to know who the product creator is, and whether or not they’re actually qualified to help you. So at this point you need to introduce yourself to the reader, and reveal your qualifications and experience. Only by doing this will you be able to build trust and credibility in the minds of your readers – a crucial thing to consider when it comes to selling anything online.

STEP #6 – Reveal The Product!

After you’ve addressed the prospect’s problems, listed some of the main benefits of your offer, and introduced yourself, the reader should now be very keen on finding out exactly what the product is. And this is the point at which you should reveal the product, and explain exactly how it’s going to help provide a solution to their problem.

STEP #7 – Build Value

Once you introduce the product, you should then be working on building value. This can be done by splitting up the product package into individual components, and assigning a value to each one of them, which when added together, far exceed the actual price. By the time the prospect reaches the order button, your product should represent a huge bargain.

STEP #8 – Include Bonus Products

Another great way to increase perceived value is to add free bonuses to the product package, which of course, must be strongly related to the main product. Including a bonus or two is a great way to convince -fence-sitters- to take the plunge and click on the buy button!

STEP #9 – The Price

After you’ve revealed exactly what the prospect will receive with their product package, it’s time to hit them with the price! And as I said, the price you list must appear very cheap at this stage, which it will (if you’ve done a good job of adding perceived value)!

STEP #10 – Include A Money-Back Guarantee

These days, it’s absolutely crucial that you include a money-back guarantee with your product, because it demonstrates that you have absolute faith in what you’re selling. More importantly though, it reduces the risk of buying, and therefore, makes it far more likely that the customer will go ahead with the purchase.

STEP #11 – Include A Post-Script Or Three!

At the end of the sales letter, it’s vital that you add a post-script, because studies have shown that after the headline, this is the most read section of any piece of sales copy! Therefore, you need to include the main selling points and benefits of the product. In short, if a prospect were to ONLY read the post-script, it needs to be strong enough to convince them to go back and read more!

And there you have it-

My 11-point sales letter copywriting formula!

Now, of course, this isn’t the ONLY sales letter formula that you can use, but it’s certainly a good one to go with if you’re not sure how to go about writing sales copy. And hey, if you want to sidestep all of the hard work and just get a professional direct response copywriter to do it for you, then feel free to get in touch!

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