How To Receive Free Verification Of A Social Security Number On The Internet

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has created the Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS), an online system that offers employers free Social Security verification for new employees. Employers can verify the numbers and names employees give to employers match and are correct on their W-2 forms.

To learn more about this free Social Security verification system, keep reading.

The Enumeration Verification System Basics for Employers

Employers can register for the Enumeration Verification System by visiting the SSA’s website at From this page, the employer must first register for a username and password. Once registered, they can obtain instant results by searching for employee Social Security numbers.

Why You Should E-Verify All New Hires

E-Verify (formerly known as Basic Pilot) is a free online-based tool that lets employers conduct employment verification checks of new employees with the Social Security Administration and all DHS databases.

Essentially, once a job applicant presents their documents showing both their identity and employment eligibility, an employer has 3 days from the official hiring date to perform an E-Verify check. By using the E-Verify tool, an employer is granted civil and criminal immunity for all the employees it runs through the system in good faith. The legal benefits are massive and it’s a free service.

Though running regular E-Verify checks on all new hires is an essential part of protecting yourself legally, employers must sill be diligent and responsible. A good employer will aggressively hunt down Social Security fraud and potential abuses by checking the origination of certain Social Security numbers and verifying a photo identification.

The Enumeration Verification System for Lenders

Loan companies are also often prey to instances of Social Security number fraud. This system allows lenders to input a loan applicant’s Social Security number and name. After processing the request, they will receive a “no match” or “match” which will show if the Social Security number is correct.

This verification service is run through third-party vendors and is not free. However, it’s a critical tool for verifying identity and preventing fraud.

If you’re searching for free Social Security verification tools, your only option is with the Social Security Administration or through a lender’s vendor. To conduct Social Security number checks, you must be registered with the SSA as an employer and have the proper signed documentation from your new hires.