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Hiring good sales people is one of the hardest things that a sales recruiter or employer does. Not any more! So how can prospective employers or sales recruiters tell which job applicants can sell? They can make the job applicants take a well-rounded pre-employment sales assessment test. If you are an employer or sales recruiting company, you may start with 10 Free Sales Assessment Tests from Dan Joy, Inc.

Common Sales Recruiting Mistakes:

A sales hiring mistake can cost an employer up to $100,000 or more. Many sales recruitment firms and employers are deluged with sales resumes, but have no way of knowing who can really sell. So, they often tend to hire someone with whom they “feel comfortable”, who is “like them”, who “looks good”, or who has “industry knowledge”. None of that necessarily means that the person can actually sell. A good Sales Assessment Test like The JOY Tests ™ of Total Sales Ability ™ can help reduce subjectivity and guesswork, so you can make more objective hiring decisions, and hire great sales people or regional sales managers.

Who Can Use Sales Assessment Testing?

In the past, sales assessment tools were used primarily by large companies. Now, for the first time, the fully integrated self-serve online sales assessment testing system of Dan Joy, Inc. has brought these crucial sales assessment tools within the easy reach of small to mid-sized businesses. Of course, big companies can use these sales assessment tools too.

Which Type of Sales Assessment Test is Most Effective?

An old style Sales Personality Test, Sales Aptitude Test, Behavioral Test or Sales Reluctance Test is usually not a good predictor of sales potential. There is a lot more to success in selling than just personality, aptitude or call reluctance. One can have the right personality or aptitude but if they don’t possess or learn good sales skills and techniques, they are not very likely to succeed in the sales profession. There are also people who can call incessantly, but cannot close. There is a much better way, as explained below.

Instead of testing for just sales personality or sales aptitude, the best approach is to test for Total Sales Ability ™. A good sales assessment test can reduce subjectivity and guesswork, and help sales recruitment agencies and corporate sales recruitment people make more objective hiring decisions. One good sales assessment test is The JOY Test ™ of Total Sales Ability ™.

Other Criteria for Choosing the Best Sales Assessment Test:

Sales Recruiters and employers may want to choose a sales assessment test which is:

1. Accurate: The Sales Test must go above and beyond the mundane psychological and personality tests by doing a well rounded sales assessment. This is crucial to the success of the sales recruitment campaign.

2. Robust: 2-Step Testing is better but costs less. The simple but robust 2-Step testing (Screening Test plus Final Test) helps protect employers against the possibility of a job applicant substituting someone else to take a test on their behalf. Moreover, the Screening Test is much cheaper than the Final Test. If you need to test, say, 500 applicants, you could give them all an inexpensive Screening Test, then give a Final Test to only the top 2% (the 10 highest scorers) on the day of the interview. That could save you a lot of time and money.

3. Efficient: Completely self-contained online system that you can use 24/7/365 at your convenience, without having to call the company every time you wish to test a new sales candidate. Many sales recruiters work online from home.

4. Easy to Interpret: The sales assessment test’s Report Card must be clear, easy to understand, and preferably just 1-page long (some can be unwieldy — up to 20+ pages per candidate). Sales recruiting firms are often pressed for time.

5. Scored Instantly: Candidates’ Report Cards (Sales Assessment Test scores) should be available online immediately after they complete a sales assessment test (no waiting for the Sales Test Reports to arrive by fax or snail mail).

6. Secure: The sales assessment test should contain built-in safeguards against guessing, random answering and candidate substitution. Not all sales tests are created equal. Most good sales recruiters appreciate the importance of secure sales assessment testing.

The JOY Tests ™ of Total Sales Ability ™ meet all of the criteria above. For a limited time only, sales recruiters and employers can get 10 Free Sales Assessment Tests (Screening Tests) to help them hire great sales people, at:

Our Recommendation:

The JOY Tests ™ of Total Sales Ability ™ meet all of the criteria above. These well rounded sales assessments go above and beyond the mundane psychological and personality tests by testing for Total Sales Ability ™, e.g., Sales Prospecting Ability, Objection Handling Ability, Sales Closing Ability, Personality, Psychology and much more.

They can be used as pre employment sales tests to test Business Development professionals at different career levels, e.g., a Sales Person (Salesman or Saleswoman), Sales Manager, Sales Director or VP of Sales & Marketing. The JOY Sales Tests ™ may also be used to identify and quantify Sales Training needs to help you bridge certain sales training gaps or correct certain sales skills deficiencies in your current sales team. Thus, you may also use The JOY Tests ™ of Total Sales Ability ™ to test your current salespeople for promotion, retention or sales training purposes:


Pre-employment testing or sales assessment tests are a good way to help you hire a top sales executive or build a sales team. Many of us have wondered about the following: What makes a great salesman, salesperson, sales rep or saleswoman? What are the top qualities, attributes or characteristics of good sales people? How to hire sales professionals who can sell? What tips or advice can I find about hiring sales people, hiring a regional sales manager, hiring sales representatives or hiring sales associates? What interview questions should I ask during a sales interview? You don’t need to worry about many of these questions if you use The JOY Sales Tests ™ of Total Sales Ability ™ from Dan Joy, Inc. The JOY Sales Tests ™ will do the work for you by asking the right questions, quantifying the competencies, and presenting the results to you in a format that is easy to understand, to help you make the right sales hiring decisions.