How to Get More Me Time With a Clothes Airer

Let’s face it getting quality time for -you’ is often hard. So many other priorities, including the odd unexpected emergencies. Life they say is all about the work life balance. That’s all very well but when you have a family you can be a slave to the washing and tumble drying cycles. Always waiting for the next load, often this intrudes into your available space with baskets of wet laundry mixed up with the queue waiting for the dryer. A clothes airer drying system could provide the answer. It simply sweeps all your washing into a natural drying process. This can be times to take place during your evening meal and TV watching time. Quality clothes airers are made from unbreakable modern materials. Wipe clean and good looking they coordinate easily with any dcor. Ideally wall mounted so that they can expand into space and retract when not in use. Time is our most precious commodity, how we make use of it decides our quality of life. As soon as you free up your day time, making time at home you have time to do allsorts of things. Visit an art gallery or museum, stroll through an arboretum make that longed for visit to the zoo, see the new arrivals. Have some delicious food; visit neglected friends, walk along a beach, and cycle through the park. Write a story. The list is endless and when you release yourself from the modern slavery of the mechanised drying cycle you release your creativity. Clothes airers began with clothes. Referred to as the -clothes horse’ when horse transport was the thing. Floor mounted airers are ideal for the balcony, patio or spare room, they can stand in the bath to dry even the most delicate of delicates. I must admit to a love of coffee, latte to be precise. There is nothing more interesting coffee wise that sitting in a busy caf watching our multi cultural society do exactly the same thing. Lots of them on computers or taking a well earned rest after a walk. It seems everyone is after the work life balance with some down time.