How Retail Integrated E-commerce Aids Businesses

Having an online store as well as a physical store has been beneficial to many businesses and suppliers; customers and retailers are able to easily browse a wider selection of goods that might not be offered in a local brick-and-mortar store. In effect, sales have increased; as much as 46% of retailers buy more from brands and wholesalers that sell online.

Not only is shopping online easier, but the search capabilities that sites – and search engines – have to offer reduces the time spent trying to find the specific merchandise or goods needed. Customers and retailers can then compare suppliers to figure out pricing, shipping, and selection; they can make the proper choice to fit their specific business needs to maximize profits. In addition, retailers and customers do not have to visit the brand’s distribution center in person, which saves time and money if they are located on the other side of the country. Plus, retailers and suppliers are able to reach a wider audience by having an online store and the capability to ship across country.

Another thing that makes retail integrated e-commerce important is the information that can be generated and how it can affect the amount of stock kept on hand. By comparing the sales of the virtual store to the sales in store, then retailers can determine how much of a product needs to be stocked on location. Increased online orders can lead to additional sales in the brick-and-mortar stores, due to increased stock availability. Plus, online orders that turn into in-store pick-ups can boost traffic to the physical establishment. Retailers are able to better track demand by watching the trends of their sales and comparing them, as well as better utilizing their inventory space while increasing the inventory turnover rate; businesses can run more efficiently.

Retail integrated e-commerce allows brands and retailers to transfer sales seamlessly. All data and records on sales are automatically saved to the databases, so businesses can derive detailed information quickly, leading to better business decisions. For businesses starting out and researching a retail integrated e-commerce solution, a company like Infigra e-commerce can help by providing the expertise and the online platform you need to buy and sell quickly and easily.