Help! I Have A Construction Safety Audit

If you run or are involved in a construction site, youll probably have come across a Construction Safety Audit. These are essential to maintain the high levels of health and safety awareness demanded by the government. Most issues raised by a Construction Safety Audit are quite simple things that can be easily resolved. Here are some of the most common problems overlooked by a these inspection.

Site security is hugely important, as any unauthorised visitors to your site will almost certainly create damage or get themselves harmed. Warning signs arent simply for construction site workers. They must be displayed in the most obvious places, or ones that would deter any would-be trouble makers. Ladders must be lowered, and immediate access to higher levels of the site must be taken away. Usually, break-ins to construction sites take place in the dark. Therefore, any open holes must be covered, and drop offs protected.

You simply must store your materials and equipment properly. General order is important, as well as smaller considerations. You must make sure you deal with rubbish effectively. Waste disposal is very important, and spills should be deal with swiftly. Bear in mind, many spillages on construction sites will be of a flammable nature, and must be dealt with immediately.

And there, of course, there are fire extinguishers. Any Construction Safety Audit will require fire extinguishers to be properly placed, maintained and checked. All materials of a flammable nature should be stored and labeled properly. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the fire department number should be properly and regularly signposted throughout the site.

If your construction site has a confined space, which many do, you need to consider it carefully. In this situation, you will have to prove that you have trained everyone appropriately on health and safety. Remember you have a requirement to obtain and show the correct permits in many cases. You will also be aware of the necessity of a standby person. This person must have the appropriate training, and must be taking the appropriate precautions.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) rules should be adhered to at all times. This is the main cause of accidents on site. This will be assessed during your Construction Safety Audit. This means you will have to show that employees are trained in use of PPE, as well as being accomplished and certified. Every instance where PPE can be used, it should be used. Similarly, correct on-site sanitation and drinking water must be provided by any site. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a Construction Safety Audit going badly for the entire site.

Fulfil all the requirements of an audit and you probably won’t have any accidents on your site. That’s what everyone involved wants, but sometimes accidents do just happen. Remember that these rules are here to help you, not hinder your work in any way. If you see something that goes against any health and safety issues, get in touch with your site manager quickly. Remember, one mistake, if considered severe enough, can close any site, which means you and your workmates will cannot work on the site.