Half Year Report-construction Machinery Industry Overview

www.cri-report.com – In January-June 2011, China’s construction machinery industry accumulatively achieved the total industrial output value of CNY 312.35 billion, ascending by 43.04% YOY, and realized the sales revenue of CNY 306.13 billion, increasing by 40.86% YOY.

In 2011 H1, the accumulative product output of China’s construction machinery industry continued growing. Except for special cement equipment whose output experienced substantial year-on-year decline, other products all maintained growth, especially for internal combustion folk lift products.

After China’s construction machinery market experienced the rapid growth in 2011 Q1, various sub-industries have seen an obvious decline in sales volume since April compared with March. In January-May 2011, the accumulative sales volume of excavators in China grew by 36% YOY; that of bulldozers grew by 21% YOY; that of loaders grew by 21% YOY. It has been an indisputable fact that the construction machinery industry has slowed down.

Although China’s construction machinery industry still has favorable prospects in 2011, the decline in growth rate is an inevitable trend. The main reason for the decline in prosperity of some products in the industry lies in credit crunch, whose influence on the industry is mainly reflected in 2 aspects: first, the downstream demand of the industry will be influenced. Construction of some projects under construction has decelerated due to credit crunch, and operation of projects which were originally planned to be operated has been delayed; second, the marketing efforts of enterprises will be influenced. In 2011 Q1, various construction machinery enterprises successively made more marketing efforts and increased the proportions of financial leasing and installment payment so as to seize market shares. Since April, some enterprises have enhanced risk control and decreased the proportion of credit sales.

In 2011, the global economy recovered gradually and the demand for construction machinery increased. The external demand will still grow, directly driving the construction machinery export market especially for the construction engineering machinery manufacturing industry. Although the base of global economic recovery is unstable, the situation of favorable global economy will be unchanged in 2011. The export environment of China’s construction machinery will continue improving and the export value is predicted to be resumed to the record high of 2008.

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