Growth of Franchising in India

Franchising in India is growing at a faster rate in recent years and people find it more lucrative and booming. India is one of the countries that offer better prospects of various franchising and other business models. More franchising and business opportunities have popped up with the incoming of foreign corporate and institutional investors.

Being geographically vast and culturally diverse, India offers favorable franchising environment. While companies benefit by having many profit making outlets in different parts of the country, franchisees in India benefit by being able to generate good ROI with lesser risk.

Entrepreneurs are entering India’s franchising market in larger numbers. There are numerous attractive franchise options available under various sectors. Now, Indian franchisees can select from a vast number of international and domestic franchise brand names.

For foreign direct investment, currently India is comfortably positioned among the top four Asian destinations. It is oblivious from this fact that, more and more foreign companies will be coming soon and setting up their base in India. This means more lucrative franchise and business opportunities in India. The cost of hiring an employee in India is much lower than the European Union (EU) nations and USA. This is one of the major reasons, why so much work is outsourced to India and many companies are setting up their back end operations offices over here.

Franchising in India has also flourished because of the huge consumer market base that spreads across the urban population who are successful, prosperous, and thriving monetarily on this economic boom. That’s why lot of foreign players are attracted to the Indian market. For both the franchisors and franchisees, franchising in India has emerged as a profitable option. The franchisees benefit from an established brand that ensures assured income while the franchisors benefit with the vast consumer market.

India is fast emerging as a favorite destination for global franchisors, according to recent studies. In spite of the stringent licensing regime, foreign investors are coming to India because they know the pain is worth taking. Once, they get their foothold in the Indian market then they can touch the sky. A number of established brand in India are gaining name and fame from franchising and the world is benefiting from the liberalized Indian economy. The franchise option includes educational institutes, retail businesses, telecom companies and many others apart from food business.

Each and every brand and company has its own franchising concept and they are growing at a remarkable speed and you can say that there is tremendous scope in coming time for each sector. Furthermore, there are various sectors which are still untouched and hold much potential. Nowadays you can witness drastic changes taking place in sectors such as pharmaceutical industry, real estate, aviation industry, telecommunication, infrastructure, or even finance market. Thus, we can say franchising in India will be interesting prospects for all the big and small corporate houses, native or foreign, that wants to convert their traditional business into a franchise business model.

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