Focus Softnet Drives Its Business Expansion With The Route Of Franchising

With 20 years of deep research and development, Focus Softnet has developed business applications that have provided the best answers to complex business questions especially for small and mid- sized organizations across the globe. The company is recognized for technical excellence and rapid evolution of solutions that deliver absolute value for money. They develop solutions that move businesses and help them grow in a highly competitive environment.

Focus Softnet, headquartered in Hyderabad, plans to expand its retail footprint across India through the route of franchising. The company looks for passionate, self driven, business minded individuals to partner with them and extend the value offerings to new regions across India, through regional franchise and unit franchise options. The franchise facts of Focus Softnet consists of Regional Franchise with area space of 250-300 sq ft. and Rs 18-20 lakhs as the capital investment and Unit Franchise with area space of 100-150 sq ft and Rs 3-4 lakhs as the capital investment. The two main constraints i.e. quality and customer satisfaction are the pivots of their value proposition to the clients.

Franchising has outgrown the narrow concept of marketing a product or a service through its distribution channels. Focus strongly believes in the franchising formula, which provides a complete business opportunity that involves management, accounting, finance, economics, quantitative analysis and marketing. Focus has an established network of 21 offices spread across 13 countries, and it plans to open 45 franchisees in the next 5 years.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Faisal Mohammed Raziuddin, AVP at Focus Softnet, added We are keen to partner with people with specific knowledge of channel development, sales, development, business solution understanding with business capabilities. Focus Softnet is looking forward to a vigorous expansion drive across pan India through our channel partners (regional owners and unit franchise). Envisioning our future plans we recently opened 2 franchise outlets in India and are in process of becoming the largest player in the ERP solutions systems in India.

On the pact Ms Sonya Chowdhry, Director Franchise India Brands states We are pleased to have Focus Softnet with us. We will aggressively provide a concrete structure to develop, grow and expand various business models of Focus Softnet and will further enhance its expertise in the marketing and recruitment system.

The need for ERP is increasing as the SME segment grows and fulfilling this need is FOCUS SOFTNET. Focus Softnets core competence is in its product offering for various categories like Entry Level solutions, Mid range products and specialized products which are custom built and appropriate for bigger corporations that can be tailored to suit every business requirements.