Five Basic Juniors Clothes Staples Every Teen Should Own

Trends in juniors clothes come and go, and it can be hard to keep up with all the changes in what’s hot and what’s not. But certain items are always going to be staples of your juniors clothes wardrobes — juniors pants and juniors dresses, for example, as well as certain other basic items.

If you’re looking to fill the holes in your wardrobe, focus on scoring these juniors clothes basics, and then add on with trendier pieces as your time, budget, and tastes allow.

Juniors pants for fun: Keep a couple of more casual juniors pants around for school. Good fabric bets for fall are corduroy and khaki, as well as other menswear-inspired fabrics. Classic fits are always in style, but if you have room for trendier juniors pants, try a bell-bottomed or wide-legged style for a bit of ’70s flavor.

Juniors pants for occasions: You might need some other juniors pants for a job interview, the job when you get it, a college interview, or some other occasion. Stick with classic-styled black and navy juniors pants so you can match them with different tops for different looks.

A couple pairs of jeans, both dressy and more casual: Besides a couple different kinds of juniors pants, you’ll want a couple of easy-fitting pairs of jeans for school and anything else. Make sure you get a dark pair for dressier occasions, to be worn with heels.

Juniors dresses for fun and occasions: A handful of fun juniors dresses will leave you equipped for a number of different situations. For hanging out with friends, try casual juniors dresses with short hemlines and girly fabrics Or, if you want a trendier look for the season, try juniors dresses with a maxi, floor-length hem.

You’ll also need some slightly more trendy juniors dresses for things like dances and dates. To mark the occasion, though, you may want to wait to shop for these juniors dresses as you need them.

A well-fitting coat in a classic color: Of course this only applies if you live in a cold climate. A coat will warm up your juniors dresses and everything else — but you won’t want to replace it very often, so pick something that will stay in style.

A selection of trendy tops and affordable accessories: Juniors clothes trends come and go, so if you invest in those other basics, you can have some more fun with the remaining pieces. Tops are the easiest items of juniors clothes to help you try out a new style or trend.

Surely you have some of these juniors clothes staples in your closet already, but if you’re trying to build up a large part of your juniors clothes wardrobe, don’t fret. There are a number of online resources where you can check out different juniors clothes styles that will fit your budget.

One option you should definitely check out is the women’s clothing brand HeartSoul. They offer everything from juniors pants to juniors dresses, at affordable prices, and many in extended sizes. Check out their lookbook online for ideas on styling full juniors clothes outfits.