Fire Safety Guidelines On Construction Sites

Fire can occur anywhere and at any time. There are practically no places that are safe from fire breakouts and they can happen even to least expected places. In fact, construction areas are prone to fire hazards and pose more risk when compared to house fires.

For this reason, fire departments are imposing stricter rules when it comes to implementing regulations on constructions site fire safety rules. They try to make sure that the priority is on the safety of the workers by practicing construction fire safety.

There are several ways to prevent fire from starting up on construction areas and it is necessary to know these fire safety guidelines in order to make sure that the construction workers are kept safe from accidental fire breakouts. This guideline should be strictly followed so as to adhere to requirement on fire safety regulations of the fire department.

Below is a list of construction fire safety tips that needs to be followed to ensure that no fire break outs will start and that the workers are safe from fire accidents.

1. Notify the fire department of any construction so that they can assist you in formulating a fire protection plan that follows the basic fire safety regulations.

2. Try to avoid using open flames as much as possible. It is possible that there are alternative to open flames because once this open flame grows, it is likely that it will be too difficult to control.

3. Make sure to have on standby at least 2 fire extinguishers within 15 feet when welding or when using propane torches. Having these around will help extinguish any accidental fire breakouts.

4. Make sure to remove all combustible materials out of the area after construction hours to prevent them from accidentally igniting. Be sure to cover these items with fire resistant materials since it is likely that there would not be anyone around to put out the fire should they catch fire.

5. Ensure proper ventilation when using chemical solvents as the buildup of fumes could potentially be explosive once it is ignited.

6. A no smoking policy should be enforced inside the construction site as reckless disposal of lit cigarette butts can cause accidental fires.

7. Make sure that all flammable liquids are stored on fire proof cabinets that are located off-site.

A construction site is a very dangerous place and accidents can happen at any time. This makes it very important to make sure that everyone in the construction site follows these fire safety rules to ensure that no fire accidents occur.