Facebook business strategy; How to get MASSIVE leads and sales

Facebook Strategy; Lead and Sales Generation OK so heres an important re-cap on the basics; 1. We need fans to take action 2. Commenting/ sharing/ ‘liking’ will increase the exposure of promotions and offers made, but more importantly it advertises your Facebook site from fans to fans 3. Facebook friendly calls-to-action, 3X more likely asked to comment,7x more likely to share 4. FB monitors engagement score and will promote more if more actions 5. If you have under 1000 fans then it may be necessary to invest in Facebook ads as research shows; 185% increase in traffic after crossing 1000 fans (social justification)

Now we know from fundamental sales principles that people buy from those who we like or aspire to be like. For business Facebook marketing, this means we endeavour to create what are termed ‘super fans.’These fans will endorse your products to others through word of mouth and Facebook media, but how do we get them to this enthusiastic state ?….

2 Major Types of List building;Indirect and DirectIndirect; Become human, this means you need to be visible, interactive and show some personality. This could mean displaying pictures of what is happening in the business, we encourage videos of office systems, challenges (maybe a huge amount of work to do), or just some good hearted character on display. We often say to clients; dont underestimate the power of theEngagement score, which Facebook analytics keeps and will promote your posts more often when this is high. So; Images, eg Pets, teamwork etc that fans can identify with Behind the scenes look Generally showing up and being active in social visibility (usually daily) AND importantly a call to action on these posts, which can also lead to an opt-in for list email which as we know means opportunities for sales Direct; This is where contests, webinars, videos, ebooks and other giveaways entice the fans to add their details to the lists, we indicate that best practice is a balance between direct and indirect, keeping in mind that fans should beentertained, educated or empowered ! eg. Click like if you believe this! The following post could be improved by asking fans what their preferences are or what the best point is in the e-book

An example we often use is a sign-up for premium members area. This will use a call to action, ‘SIGN UP NOW for instant premium members perks,availabletoday only.’Then we offer great content;Podcasts, Cheat sheets, Guides, Free chapters, MEGA 3 part video series! Discount downloads etc [Just set a standard of over delivering ! This will mean guaranteed success] Make sure you use; Custom and Normal Applications to utilise (try shortstack.combelow) Promotions Facebook Ads Offers (once you have enough fans) TIPS AND TRICKS; PODCASTs/ WEBINARs ; We find these convert very well as opt-ins, and have been consistently the preferred method of content delivery. TRY; Including the date and title in your cover page, but no calls to action (then click to listen through an App) TRY; Adding descriptions to photos; drives out into newsfeed, e.g. -For more tips and tricks signup here- Always include hotlink!

Once through the App, this allows for traffic directed to website/ newsletter/ subscriptions etc