Designer Baby Clothes Vs Organic Clothes

The kind of clothes a baby wears largely depends upon affordability, the personality of the parents and of course the clothing materials. While all parents like their babies to be smartly -dressed, but there are some parents who walk the extra mile. Very often it has been seen that when buying apparel for the little one many parents encounter problems making choices whether to purchase designer baby clothes or organic baby clothing.

Surely there exist some advantages and disadvantages for each, so it is completely the decision of parents to watch out what is most important to them and their little ones. Fortunately these days’ organic items are becoming more and more popular and in demand due to the problems with overseas products giving rise to some skin problems as these products are treated with harmful chemicals. Though organic clothes do not always look so stylish but are safe and devoid of any harmful chemicals and that it was made under humane conditions. Organic clothes using only natural fiber and dye definitely have the advantage over the designer baby clothes of not harming the skin of the tender skin of the babies and parents too can dress their child without any tension. Apart from this particular reason some parent thinks that purchasing expensive designer clothes for their babies is simply wasting their hard earned money based on the fact that their children will soon outgrow clothing quickly.

Designer baby clothes on the other hand usually look better, but the consumer cannot be sure of under what conditions it was manufactured. Designer baby clothes are very expensive and are common among celebrity parents, wealthy and those who can afford it even though children outgrow clothing quickly. Parents love to see their child look smart and cute and so they go crazy when they visit any shopping mall buying expensive designer body suits, bibs, booties and bonnets and also determine to pay ten times more than they would if they went to a regular baby or department clothing store. Some of the best-known baby designers include Baby Dior, Baby Phat and Anne Geddes that rich parents go for.

Though it is a true that organic baby clothes are safe to the tender skin of your baby but at times there are certain situations or occasions in that demands high fashion or stylish costumes which an organic clothes could not provide and thus could not compete with the designer baby clothes. Designer baby clothes are definitely going to offer you more choices and organic baby clothes is definitely going to save your child from skin problems. So the decision is yours. You can keep both type and dress your child according to the demand of the situation.