Dereon Clothes – A Brief History

The Dereon clothes line was created by R&B sensation Beyonce Knowles and her mother Tina Knowles. According to the Knowles family generations of women in the family have influenced the different styles for the Dereon clothing line to give it its unique look and apeal to all types of women. The name came about because “Dereon” was the name of Beyonce’s grandmother.

The Dereon fashion line is targeted a younger crowd, and due to this fact the prices are affordable so all can afford to wear the items. The motto for Dereon is “Where the sidewalk and the catwalk meet.” The clothing line includes items that are cool like sweat outfits, hooded sweatshirts with embroidery, and casual wear. Beyonce uses members from her band to model her clothing in the print ad campaign for the Dereon clothes.

The House of Dereon became a business while Beyonce was performing in the group Destiny’s Child. This was because Beyonce’s mother would design and handcraft all of the outfits for the all girls singing group. This was because the band didn’t have the budget to buy expensive apparel so her mother would make them for all the girls. However, Tina Knowles did such an amazing job with the designer outfits that people loved the bunch not only for their music but their hip style. The vision created by Tina Knowles set Destiny’s Child apart from almost all of their peers.

The Logo representing Dereon clothing is a three-branched symbol that represents an iris flower. The flower is linked to the French monarchy which depicts the history of Louisiana. Being as how the Knowles ancestry is from Louisiana and their entire heritage is from that state.